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Any of you guys got the inside scoop on improvements and new terrain for the upcoming season?
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At Deer Valley over the summer we have replaced a fixed grip triple, with our 6th high speed quad.
The Quincy Lift on Flagstaff Mtn was removed and sold to the Canyons. A new Garaventra / Ctec High speed quad is now taking shape.
A 15 millon gallon water storege pond was completed. To further enhance our snow making.
The resort's third day lodge, Empire Lodge, in the Empire Canyon area will open in early December. This will help take some of the crowds away from Silver lake Villege during lunch. Some of you know crazy it can be there during lunch.
Final construction of the seating for the Qlympics events is currently on track/ schedule.
For further info on Deer valley upgrades click here http://deervalley.com/pressreleases/...ease.asp?id=35

Snowbird and Alta will have a joint skier only pass offered this year. Snowbird installed anothe hight speed quad lift in the Mineral Basin area. It will unload skiers near the top of the Sugarloaf lift at Alta.
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New quad at that no-name resort just west of Jackson Hole(sssshhhhh) :

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