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Buffalo Boys???

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Hey what is the Western NY scoop... Holiday Valley, KB? Is the Colden snowbelt not existant this year? Thanks.
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This is my first year skiing in Buffalo, and when i came here everyone told me that it snowed all the time and we would probably be skiing by thanksgiving. Last year they got a 20 inch dump here 2 days before thanksgiving break, but no, not this year. Yesterday and the day before people were going to class in shorts. I feel like i went to school in Washington DC or something. Last year at this time i had already skied 10 days. At first i didnt mind the lack of cold weather, granted it was dissappointing, but i dealt with it... now it is starting to get rediculous.

I guess its just nto getting cold enough for us to get lake effect snow right now. I was talking with someone the other day about this same thing,a nd he said that when it finally gets cold we will get plastered with snow because our local ponds (erie and ontario) will still be very warm, and they will not freeze for a long time. Resorts are looking to open the 15th now, weather permitting of course. I hope to be at Greek Peak as soon as the lift starts running next saturday, help us all out and pray for snow (for the east preferably), please!!!!! Much appreciated.
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