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Atomic Line-up for '03?

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Can anybody provide a summary of Atomic's ski line for 'next' year? Thanks!
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A summary? Ok here you go.

Atomic will introduce new models, repaint and/or slightly tweak current models, and discontinue other models. Most models have been renamed.

Is that brief enough?
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Beta racer you can't tell me that what they did to their slalom ski is a minor tweak. Thats a totally different ski.
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The SL9 was the Race 9.12. Changes for next year include Aerospeed, RaceCharger Plate, and name.

The SL11 is new. New shape, new materials, new construction, all new. The Race 9.16 has been discontinued.

Read everything, then comment.
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A little more depth now.

GS11 - new ski
GS9 - Race 9.20 with slight modifications.
SL11 - new ski
SL9 - Race 9.12 with slight modifications.
SX11 - new ski
R8 - new ski.
R9 - reworked Ride 9.22
R10 - repainted Ride 10.20
R11 - repainted Ride 11.20
R.EX - repainted 10.ex
Sugar Daddy - no change
Big Daddy - no change
Tweak - FreeZone Rodeo with slight changes to tip
Stomp - no change
C9 - Carv 9.18 with texalium 100
C11 - Carv 11.16 with new base
E9 - new ski. Smartzone PC with Texalium 100
E7 - slightly wider Smartzone PC
E5 - slightly wider Smartzone

Thats the basic list. Your local Atomic retailer should have some models available allready (if they haven't sold out). They should also have a copy of the catalog so you can read the specifics on each model.
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BetaRacer - Thanks ... I guess! Have you skied the C11? What's the SX11? Do retailers have an updated mini-CDRom? (Never mind - I'll find out tomorrow). Hey, where've you been, anyway?

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The C11.16 have a new base with ceramic inserts, I did not like this ski because of it´s stiff forski, on the other hand the SX11 = SUPERCROSS B4 construction is a really nice ski (green) I tried the SX11 in 180 yesterday and it is like the GS11 in 181 just softer and floats easier. Turnradius = 18 m sidecut 107-66-something

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