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Steamboat Question

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I need someone to help me out, I'm going to steamboat over winter break and knowticed that no lift takes you to the top of mt. werner. From the map it looks like you have to hoof it to the top from where the lifts drop you off for storp peak. How hard is it to get there from storm peak? I would like to ski some double dimonds but I am not down for a long hike. Thanks, and happy skiing.
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Well, since no one else is volunteering any information...

I have only been there once and I am not good enough to go where you want to go but at least I have laid eyes on the area. If you go off the backside from the top of Storm Peak lift or Sunshine or Sundown you can ski down Morningside Bowl. Very tame even by my standards but also I only saw one other person in quite a bit of time back there. The lift back out of the bowl puts you at the top of Mt Werner. There is a little shack there with a weather station. Now all I ever did was ski back down to a spot below the top of Storm Peak lift from there. But it looked like going the other direction towards Christmas Tree bowl was pretty flat, though I could not see too far. Since you are starting near the peak of the mountain, I do not see how it could be very hard. For that matter, the hike up to the top of the Morningside lift from the top of the Storm Peak lift did not seem like it would be very difficult. It was pretty short and not real steep. If you are looking at a trailmap, Morningside lift comes out about where the shack is shown just to the left of the top of Chute 3.

If you want more and no one else here gives you anything, there is a link right on the frontpage of Steamboat's website to their discussion board. You could try asking there, also.
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Thanks, I appreciate the help.
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Ski Bum, The previous reply is pretty much on the noggin. Mt. Werner is just a short hike from Storm Peak. The easiest way there is to ski Cowboy Coffee and take the chair up, skate like hell to the right and then it's just a five minute hike from there. It'll get you some nice steep tree runs into Christmas Tree Bowl, which isn't a bowl really, but is fun and on a crowded day, really worth the time. If the pow is deep, don't waist your time going to Cowboy Coffee, it gets so flat toward the bottom, you loose your momentum and it's a bitch. It's best to get some fresh tracks on Storm Peak and the trees between Five Points lift and Buddy's run, then head over there.
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I have skied Steamboat about 50 days over the last several years.From the top of Stormpeak express or Bar U E it is a hike to the top or take a run down morningside and the lift goes up to the top.
Chutes 1,2,3 and x-mass tree bowl are all steep and accessed from there.
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