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Repairing Bases

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How would I repair some scratches and grooves in the base of the ski? Can I do it myself or is it best for a pro to look at it?

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It depends on how bad the scratches are.. If the scratch doesn't go all the way thru the base material you can just fill it in w/ P-TEX. There have been great posts on here about how to ptex so just try the search. Make sure the ski is at room temp and the scratch is clean. Then burn a candle or p-tex, scrape or sand it smooth ( I prefer using scotchbrites for this) and away you go.

If the scratches are deeper then the base material or your actually missing some base material then I'd suggest taking it to an experienced ski tech.

Bad scratches can also be filled in w/ epoxy then sanded down to base level. I've done this a thousand times and the epoxy does stand up pretty well. Heck ski techs use it too they just add cool coloring to it so it blends in w/ the base color.

Good luck and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty ski basic maintenace isn't that difficult.
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There are plenty of detailed descriptions of how to repair skis if you do a search. If your skis are really new or the damage is extensive I'd recommend taking them to a shop to have them repaired. Always less stressful to try to learn new maintenance skills on older and less valuable belongings... Or maybe find a friend who knows what they're doing and have them teach you.
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