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nite skiing at keystone cutback

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just found on keystones website the new hours for nite skiing, 1/8/03 thru 3/2/03, open wednesday - saturday, closed sun, mon, tues. lifts open till 8:00pm. lets see I'm going to be there jan 31rst -fri thru feb 8th- sat. 9 days 8 nights, I'm going to lose 3 nites of skiing : , what makes it even worse it would seem as if they could keep the lifts open till 9:00 or 10:00 pm on fri & sat like they used to since they are cutting out days, also they are only going to run the slow gondola, last year even with peru running there were lines at the gondola that took 15-30 minutes, so if you came back at 6:00 even ripping you could MAYBE get 3-4 runs in. there were people showing up to ski while they were closing the lifts. another problem is we purchased our lift tickets by the nov 15th deadline for the cheaper tickets & at that time there was no mention of any of this. this ski vacation is costing me approx 6000.00 for me wife & 2 kids now I know thats not much for some people but it damn sure isn't cheap.
I cram every minute of skiing in since I only get to do this once a year. don't know if it will help but I found this person to complain to Kathy Stitcher 1-970-496-4191 she has something to do with operations ?, anyway it can't hurt.
thanks bteddy
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Oh--poor Kathy! Kathy is a wonderful person who I am sure will listen to your complaints and pass them on to the right people. She is a most capable individual, but not an upper level decision-maker. I'm not sure exactly what her current title is. She was sort of the office manager for the mountain administration office at Keystone, but Vail has fired everyone who worked in that office (except, apparently, Kathy)! The "right" person to hear the complaints--and he should hear LOTS of them--is Roger McCarthy over at Breckenridge. Since Vail Resorts fired the entire upper management at Keystone, Roger's job description expanded from COO at Breckenridge to COO of both Breckenridge and Keystone. Keystone itself is now a resort without management! (Perhaps I'm being too harsh.)

You should also contact Adam Aron, the CEO of Vail Resorts. He's the big chief, and the one with the ultimate responsibility. Tell him you are FURIOUS--as you should be when they substantially reduce the value of the product after you have already made your reservations. And trust me--cutting back on the night skiing hours is only beginning. Wait 'till you get there!

I'm sorry that you have to deal with these frustrations, bteddy. If the ski industry brass had any brains at all, they would realize that they are doing exactly the WRONG things if they truly want to improve the state of the ski industry--as they all claim. Skiing is still a wonderful sport, pastime, and lifestyle, despite the ineptitude of many of those who run the business. If you can get past the incompetents, you will have a great time. I wish you well!

Don't hesitate to give me a call when you get to Summit County if I can do anything for you--I'm in the phone book!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

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Curious, Bob, as to what's transpired at Key in the couple years since I was there. ("Wait till you get there!") As I am planning an extensive trip to Summit Co. late-Feb, early Mar, it seems I'd do well to do a little homework. I DID enjoy the hill when I was there but didn't get a chance to ski at night, something I really want to do, as will my company.
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Hi Ryan--please don't let me scare you away. Keystone is still a great resort, and Summit County/Loveland/Vail/Beaver Creek still has some of the best skiing within a few minutes drive anywhere. Plus, we're getting some of the best snow we've had in years! The skiing is great, and when you get right down to it, that's what really matters, eh?

Keystone is still a great resort, but it is quite obvious that it isn't delivering the level of service, or the quality of experience, that it once did. If Mr. McCarthy means what he says, Vail will identify and fix the problems. Unfortunately, there is little obvious evidence to date that McCarthy has actually turned the wheel on "the Titanic" yet....

You who pay the piper, though, can call the tune! Give McCarthy and Aron a piece of your mind, along with a threat (promise) to withhold a piece of THEIR income!

The consumer has the only real, ultimate power in any business in a free market economy. Wield it! You're the boss.

By the way--EpicSki, as a large and growing group of consumers, has the potential to wield some strength in determining the direction of the ski industry. I suggest we come up with our own "EpicSki Seal of Approval" for resorts, professionals, lodging, restaurants, ski shops, bars, and gear, clothing, and accessories. Let's set extremely high standards and reward those who really, consistently, deliver the highest grade!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Go to Salt Lake City and ski the two canyons by day with Brighton on your list for night skiing. ---Better snow, lower prices, same night skiing acreage(with Park City and Powder Mtn. also nearby), and an overall less expensive trip cost. Summit County Co. has become Overrated, Overpriced, and Overcrowded!!!

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