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Discount tix at Snowbird

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How do I get discount lift tix at Snowbird? (Not including the $20.02 deal since I'm staying at an apartment and don't qualify.) I'll be there for 3 weeks and need to find a deal. Please help!

Thank you!!
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If you are staying in the SLC area, stop at the Sports Den on Foothill Drive on your way up. They sell tickets for around $10 off. Also, I believe, but not sure, that Smith's grocery stores do the same. Many stores in the valley sell discount tickets to the 'bird if you can find them. Just ask at gas stations, and other stores. Also, if your are here before December 20th, you might find a local at the base trying to pawn off a 2 for 1 ticket that they got at Phillips 66. See you in the tram!
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I think you can buy a 20 day.
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Look at
for season pass ideas, but if you do the Daily tickets deal, be sure to get in before the rates go up on December 15!
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It's not a super-duper deal, but Smith's grocery store sells discount lift tickets for about a $7-10 discount.
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