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where to eat in Whistler??

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I will be in Whistler at the end of March.. where are some cool places to eat? we will be staying in a condo so we will be cooking most meals but one night out would be nice. We are all students so we are quite price-concious... and would love to find a groovy little place to chill and eat. Also, are groceries overpriced in Whistler?? Should we stop for groceries in Van before headin up? Thanks!
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The trip I am about to make will be my third to Whistler, but as before we will be going directly there from the airport so I dont know if you would be better off stocking up on some things before you get there. There are at least two supermarkets in Whistler- at least we found two- a smaller one in the middle of the village and a larger one in, perhaps predictably, the Marketplace area.....at least I think it was called that. It seemed to me you could get most everything you would need in one of those, apart from alcohol where I think you have to go to liquor stores- there is one of those adjacent to each store.No alcohol sold on Sundays as I recall so you have to buy in for that. You mightwant to stock up on that.

I have to say that I never felt that they were looking to rip people off, but I was relating that to UK prices. You may well get cheaper prices in Vancouver for example.

As regards restaurants names are a bit of a problem but we stayed in Delta Suites and there is a bar/restaurant attached to that where we got decent food, there is an Italian round the corner which was good- we went there a couple of times, the Brewhouse pub (again I think it was called that) was close by and we ate there also. There is a very good pizza take out place tucked in behind where the Helly Hansen shop is..cant remember the name.There was a very good French restaurant -possible called creperie something down towards the 7-11.A local put me onto that one, left to my own devices I would probably have walked right past it. Sorry this is a bit vague but I concentrated on getting there rather than the names.

Basically you cant turn round in Whistler without falling over another restaurant and I have to say we were pretty satisfied, especially on cost.There are places for everyprice range and covering a wide range of food- also a Macdonalds if you feel the need.I saw the prices as cheaper than the States without a loss in quality and cheaper than the UK/europe, so we were pretty happy.

They get pretty busy, particularly on weekends so booking a day or so ahead is a good idea.
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Groceries are about 30% more in Whistler than elsewhere in the Lower Mainland (ie: the area including and surrounding Vancouver). If you are driving, the IGA in Squamish (on the way to WB) is where we usually go. Locals shop at Nester's, about 1 or 2 km past Whistler. Choices for meals in town without breaking the bank would be the chains: Earl's, A&W, McYucko's, or Boston Pizza (Creekside). More unique include Splitz Grill (awesome burgers), and Chef Bernards (upper village). Chef Bernard was head chef at the Chateau Whistler before he opened his own funky eatery across the street. Lots of pub grub around, though nothing special. For a great steak, go to The Keg rather than paying double at white-tablecloth joints for the same quality. I think at least one of the two govt liquor stores are open Sundays, and if not there is the Glacier Lodge Beer & Wine store (that now sells liquour too) in the Upper Village, but its not cheap.

Best deal on the hill for lunch is a bowl of soup at the Rendezvous Lodge on Blackcomb; about $4. Very tasty, and thick, like stew. A glass of water is free. Our favourite apres ski place is the patio at Merlins at the Blackcomb Upper Village base. Nachos are inexpensive, legendary, and one plate will feed four hungry people.

I assume you're a Canadian, from your signature line. Whistler caters shrewdly to Americans and Euros who think they're getting a good deal, but prices are definately inflated by Cdn standards. Probably no different than Tremblant, Intrawest's Eastern Cdn resort.

It's dumping right now... best conditions this season. Hopefully that keeps happening when you are here. Have a great time!

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I was going to suggest stopping at Squamish too. While you're at it might as well stock up on beverages. I'm not sure if the main liquor store is uniformly priced with the rest of BC but it's sure a lot more than Alberta whenever I'm there. Nester's market is the one about 2kms out half way between the Village and Alpine Meadows where the community rec centre is. The grocery store in the old village is brutal for selection and price. The Marketplace IGA is expensive too and worse in March it's a 24-7 goon show. For restaurants I highly recommend Uli's Flipside, upper floor somewhere in that maze of the village. My buddies who live there always take me there when I'm out and I'm always impressed with the food and the price. They do good grub at the brew pub too. My friends there like Caramba's quite a bit as well but I've never been as impressed. Maybe that's because I'm always underwhelmed by the Caramba's here is Banff.

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Stop in Squamish on the way up and load up on some Kokanee. It's about 20% cheaper that at BC Liquors in Whistler Village. Any one of the patios will be good from lift closings till 5:30 or so. I like going to the GLC, if just for the history of it. :
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