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Looking to move to Taos for a season -
any of you yahooos been before? live there? anybody got any scoop???
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Well since no one else has said anything yet...

I skied there for a week about 10 years ago. Great, great mountain. Lots of amazing terrain both inbounds and a short hike out of bounds.

The town, though, was a bit lacking. It's NOT a ski town, or, I should say, not a typical American ski town. If I recall correctly, there weren't a lot of hot spots and the few bars around were frequented more by non-skiing locals than anyone else.

Remember two things: I was only there for a week, so I didn't fully experience the area. Also, a lot can change in 10 years.

Again, though, the mountain is phenomenal. I need to go back.
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Lived in the area for 20 years (with 3or4 sabbaticals), running a ski school down the road. One of the last great places if you can afford it.
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Well Robin would certainly know a lot more than I but here's a little from skiing there a couple of years ago. Taos Ski Village (TSV) where the ski area is is up in the mountains at 10k ft. I don't think there's much up there other than some hotels, shops for skiing and I guess some people live up there.
The actual town of Taos is 45-hour away by the time you get there. On the way is Arroyo Secco a very small area where some folks live. If you're going ouy there to check things out you can stay at The Abominable Snow Mansion a hostel in Arroyo Secco. It's pretty cheap for one person.
The ski area is very small by western standards but fantastic. It has a small somewhat Euro feel to it since a lot of people have been there for awhile. The terrain has been described as "begining extreme". If your there a whole season I imagine there's excellent back country stuff. If your into racing you could get some good coaching there too.
It's a great place but very different than most 'ski bumming' areas.
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Funny you should mention the Abominable Snow Mansion...that's where I stayed when I skied Taos. Bunk style rooms, fast continental breakfast, VERY cheap, and a quick drive from the slopes. What more could a broke Second Lieutenant ask for!?!
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I try to head to Taos every year. Great, great place!

Skiing is phenomenal, the food is really good (great New Mexico hatch green chiles), and the people are friendly. Lots of places to stay either in Taos or on the way to the resort. There's even a hostel there on the road to the resort.

Have fun and good luck!
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how's the view of town lake today?
lookin' forward to barton springs in july.
stay cool. (yeah, right.)
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ryan: looks great. Water is running well right now in all the Texas rivers since we've gotten so much rain. Best tubing since '95.

I won't be hitting the Springs this summer...probably stick to the confines of the Guadalupe, Comal, and Frio. The temps aren't too bad for this time of year...highs in the upper 80s, humidity not too bad. Last year was MUCH worse...

What brings you to town in July?
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my mom and a brother live in Lockhart. Lotsa family, friends in Texas, mostly D/FW and Austin (my middle name, by the way). S'pposed to do some tubin' myself. Look for a guy in a yellow SNOWBIRD cap on, draggin' a six-pack behind the tube. That'd be me.
Sometimes we just jump in at San Marcos.

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Lockhart is a great town. My friend's family owns a little farm 15 minutes from there, near Staples.

Don't know if I'd tube the San Marcos river, there...lots of snakes. Head down 35 a bit and do the Guadalupe. Much cleaner...

Let me know when you head down here...I'd love to show you some Texas hospitality. Take you to the Salt Lick (some great BBQ...even better atmosphere). I know some like that BBQ in Lockhart, but I don't.

Either way, I can drag a few friends down to the river and we'll tube together. Maybe share some good ski stories.

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haven't tubed outta san marcos; just jump in there and cool off. 'lupe sounds much better. anyway, cool. will letcha know when i'm headin' down. and if we do hook up, i'll have a few taos questions fer ya.
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