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how flat are ski bases on shaped skis

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well I spent about a gazillion dollars on ski tuning & waxing gear,I am very hands on & can fix or build about anything so ski tuning & waxing should be no big deal, well its not hard except that I bought a base flattener tool from tognar, I have three pairs of skis to maintain my k2 axis x pros skied on last season, a pair of k2 mach s brand new & a brand new pair of salomon verse pilots for my wife, checking with a true bar there is not a flat ski in the bunch, I worked on one of the pros for about 1 1\2 hrs & got it about 85% flat, all these skis are concave near the tip & tail, this seams to be common with the wider skis so can anyone tell me do most shops sand these completely flat or is it a case of close is good enough, I called tognar & they said this is the norm & if the ski is flat 1/2" in on both sides that is good enough, now I am an x boat racer that spends whatever time is needed to make things absolutly perfect but if it uses up the ski to make it flat it may not be worth it.
thanks bteddy
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Do a search as there was some discussion on this last year. I think the consensus was that it's common, but doesn't matter (although it seems like it would).
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The extent of the concavedness of the tips and tails varies between manufacturers. Some are worse than others, but with some it doesn't affect the ski's performance, where others it does. Make sense? Old skis were pivoted, and a flat base was very crucial in that movement. Shaped skis are designed to turn by being on edge. As long as there is a slight base bevel on the edge, there should be no real problem with how the ski performs. Take your true bar and place it on the tip where you have found the base to be concave. Squeeze the center of the ski to the true bar. The concavedness should disappear with very little force.

Before you do major work, try the skis. If you have troubles still, then start flattening.
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Yes, you should do a search. I once asked the same question here. I think that you will find that there was no consensus at all that reaches the conclusion that a flat vs. concave base doesn't matter. Rather, you will find an interesting exchange of views. Then you can make up your own mind.
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The concavity in your K2's seems to be the norm for the new shaped models.

I checked about 25 pairs of Axis X Pro's with a true bar recently in three different shops and not a one of them was perfectly flat along the entire length. In fact, I would say K2 did a pretty good job of holding consistency in the amount of concavity on all the skis I checked.

You'll only shorten the life of the ski if you try to get them perfectly flat. It can be done, but you won't have much base left.

I would recommend that you keep the edges SHARP up to the point of the widest part of tip and tail and then detune the edges from that widest point to the end of the tip/tail.

The pair that I have ski great. "If it ain't broken, don't fix it."

Hope this helps you sleep at night.


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I'm no ski designer, but it makes scense to me that the concave is an intentional design, and more than likely a feature added to shaped skis in an attempt to regain straight line stability. (when not on edge)
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