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Skiing and Sundance Film Festival

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A few friends and I are making the 1400 mile drive from Illinois to Park City for Sundance and Skiing. I'm the only skier in the group and plan on skiing Thursday 1-15-04 through Sunday 1-18-04. I don't think any lodging is available in Park City so we're thinking SLC. I'm thinking about skiing Alta/Snowbird but we only have 1 car so I'll have to drop them off in Park City if we don't stay somewhere with a cheap/free shuttle to Park City. Any ideas on how to accomplish this is appreciated. Is it too difficult/time consuming to drive to Park City and then to Snowbird? Is new snow going to prevent us from reaching Park City or Snowbird? I have an AWD car. Should I just plan on skiing in Park City to make this work? I'm interested in skiing in deep powder, trees, bumps, steep terrain, not groomers.

Any suggestions on cheap lodging?

Also, any party spots in Park City? With the film festival going on I'm guessing the place will be happenin'

Are discount lift tickets available in SLC at sporting goods stores or grocery stores?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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Cheap lodging: Extended Stay America in SLC
Discount lift tix: Canyon Sports - 4 locations around SLC.

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Driving from SLC to PC and then back to LCC (Little Cottonwood Canyon) would take a long time (at least an hour and a half). Instead, ski PCMR, DV, or The Canyons, all of which have what you describe. As a bonus, all will be empty since none of the PIBs (People in Black) would consider skiing and having to get out of those fur coats & hideous fur boots.

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Why fixate on Snowbird? PC has all the skiing you can handle, and then some.
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A thought on staying somewhere closer to Park City then Salt Lake City. You may find cheap lodging in Heber City (about 15 to Park City.) or Best Westren Coalville also about 10 to 15 mins east of Park City 1 866 922 7278. There is a Hamptons Inn at Kimbel Junction and also a Holiday Inn Express. Sundance is a funny time here in Park city Like others have said. The Town is packed and it's hard to get into a Restaurant or Bar But The Skiing is great. Nobody on the Mountain. If History repeats it's self we will have a big dump during Sundance.
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Thanks a lot for the info. I was thinking Alta/Snowbird because they get 500in per year compared to the 300-350in per year for PCMR, DV, and the Canyons. I want the best chance for lots of powder, will PCMR be a good bet for that? Skiing in the midwest is all groomers and I only make it out to Colorado one week a year (relatives in Denver) so I want to make the best of the Utah trip. Alta is also cheap so more snow less money...sounds good to me.

I like what I'm hearing about no crowds on the slopes due to the Film Festival.

I'll look into the lodging close to Park City.

Does Canyon Sports have discount tix to all of the area resorts? How much of a discount do they offer?

Thanks again for all of your suggestions.
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The coalville Best Western has rooms for a reasonable price. Is there any concern that the roads would be unpassable to Park City due to snow? What is the best direction to be from Park City to avoid travel problems?
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It is more likly if we have a bad strom,you would not be able to get over Parleys Summit on I80 from SLC to Park City Coalville to Park City would be a better bet.You will still ber on I80 so it is all major roads between here and there. By the way if we have Storm yes Alta and Snowbird will get more due to Lake effect. I do think you should ski there at least one day. Snowbird is my Favorite place to ski. Keep in mind The Cottonwwod Canyons may close for Avalanche Control. One of the biggest storms so far this year The roads up were closed for a day and 1/2. All the while I was able to ski some fine dry Utah Pow at Deer Valley and PCMR. If you want Powder take a look a bit North of here at Snowbasin and Powder Mountain Snow Basin is about 25 mins from Coalville Pow Mow is about another 30 mins North well worth the drive. Just keep your fingers crossed that we get a Sundance Effect Dump and you will have those ski porn face shots you dream about. By the way coalville is a sleepy littel town nothing there to speak of. Just use it as a place to grab some Z's.
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I agree with Utah49....drop your friends off in PC and then drive over to Snowbasin (63 miles) or Powder Mtn (80 miles). The drive goes very fast and is very scenic. We just got back today from 8 days in Utah and did both those drives from PC. They were both EMPTY...even at Powder Mtn on a saturday!! Snowbasin is my favorite resort in Utah. They have great lifts (2 gondolas). The food and lodges are also top notch. A lift ticket was $54 as compared to $69 at PC or DV.

Powder Mtn has s l o w, ancisnt lifts but the Powder lasts for days because of the slow lifts and minimal crowds. A lift ticket there was $45.
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Ski Trucks on West North Temple south of the fairgrounds in SLC also has discount lift tix for most Utah ski areas that you can order online (www.skitrucks.com), $ 55 a day for Park City vs. $ 71 at the mountain. Or if you want to wait until you get into town it's twelve blocks from temple square, a quick shot from the downtown hotels.

Lodging in Park City is pretty much sold out at this date unless you have made a killling on the merc and are willing to spring $ 6000 a night for a three bedroom condo on expedia. Others have posted relevant suggestions if you do not want to stay in SLC. Since you are driving, you may want to consider staying in Evanston WY on the way in since hotels are really cheap there and its less than an hour if you drive fast to PC.

If you do decide to stay downtown one night instead of slumming with the PiB's you may want to check out the Red Iguana, also on West North Temple, for killer Mexican. They have the most Zagat's awards on their wall that I have ever seen in one place. And beans and rice generally fits my budget better, not mention supplying needed carbs.

Have fun and report back.

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Another thought, if you stay in downtown SLC you can catch the ski bus to Alta and let your friends take the car to PC.
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I did a similar drive on the day of my flight back home. My girlfriend and I were staying in Park City and we decided to ski at Snowbird on the day of our flight back east at 4:50 p.m. We had to drop off her rental skis at Gart's in Park City though. So this meant that we went to Snowbird then would have to drive back to PC and then down to the airport. If I can recall correctly; I made the drive from Snowbird to PC to SLC Airport in less then two hours. This was all done in mid december with probably a lot better road conditions. Goodluck and go to Snowbird or Alta. PC is an awesome town but its resorts lack something imo.
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Skiing Sundacne Film Festival

I've been to Sundance the last 3 years in a row and usually hit Park City resort which is great by any standards provided there's good snow. You can get discounted tickets for Park City at the Sundance Box office. You can also get hugely discounted tickets if you go on one of those timeshare tours and don't mind spending an hour or so to pretend your interested in buying one. Deer Valley and the Canyons are also in close proximity to Park City and are great, again providing the snow is good (Deer Valley doesn't allow snowboards though). If the snow situation isn't that great you might want to head out to Alta/Snowbird or even Snowbasin which I would highly recommend. Snowbasin tends to get a lot of snow and has some of the most amazing facilities, the dinning hall must be seen to be believed (think 19th century Czarist Russia) and there are hardly ever any crowds there.
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19th century Czarist Russia? Well maybe but without the all those messy Serfs and Peasents begging in the Street it's just not the same. Those bolshviks ruined everthing.
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