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Mammoth this weekend

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The top is open (chair 23). Supposedly, Cornice and Scotty's have enogh coverage to tear it up!

1 night at the Motel 6 - $51.00

Early Season Lift Ticket - $50.00 (Ouch!)

Getting some good turns on the upper mountain before Thanksgiving - Priceless

I'll have a report on Monday. Yippee! I'm going skiing!
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Can't make it this weekend, but would be up for a mammoth trip sometime soon.

$50 is ridiculous for early season ticket.

But you can get much better pricing on accomodations -- there are two vey nice hostel-style bunkhouses in town that each charge $20/per night.
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Are you referring to the Ullr? That is the Hostel that I am accustomed to. Where is the other?

The Motel 6 was originally for three of us, but one flaked. That makes the cost $27 or so with tax, for each skier. I know that the price is a bit much for the lift ticket, but with the holidays around the corner, I've got to hit it while life is less busy.
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Oh Ya...
I skied Mammoth yesterday.[11/14/2001] Broadway and Facination were open as well as the back of chair 3. Snow was nice. Look out for rocks...spinheli managed a coreshot on his K2s.

They were grooming Cornice and Scottys but had not opened them yet.
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Yeah, the Ullr is one of them. The other is the Davidson Street Guest House. Ullr is larger and therefore easier to get a room at on busy weekends, but the DSGH is a litle nicer with more of a rustic charm. It is also near the main intersection where the Ullr is, but a little further away than you would want to walk if taking the bus.
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[quote]Originally posted by AC:
[QB]Yeah, the Ullr is one of them.

To my knowldedge, the ULLR closed its doors last season, bought by intrawest and converted to employee housing.
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The Ullr Closed? Can it be? I looked at the 2002 Mammoth Winter Planner and the Ullr is missing! That is too bad. I loved staying there on suicide runs from LA at the early part of the season. This was going to be the year that my younger brother got to have the Ullr expereince. Thanks for the notice. Perhaps I should book a few more weekends at the Motel 6, now that other "reasonable" accommodations have become defunct.
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I too am dissapointed at the loss of the ULLR-the last "real" cheap accomodations in Mammoth. During a season I spent working as lift operator up there, 6 of my buddies lived in a little known A-Frame loft in the top of the ULLR that you could only access by stairs in the broom closet. I have resorted to buying a camper for the back of my truck, which I will be sleeping in at the RV park on my weekend missions to the mountain.
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