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Has anyone spent much time skiing Taos? I have an opportunity to rent a home in the Ski Valley for the winter. I was up there last week looking around and the mountain looks fantastic.
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Since Taos was in my PSIA sub-division for many years I skied there a lot for events and some on my own for fun. Its a truly awesome mountain. Its southern location doesn't bode well for it if the climate is warming up - but the terrain is world class. Taos still has the largest percentage of expert terrain to all of its terrain in the U.S. I believe. If its got good snow, you'll never get bored there.
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Lived in the area for years, if you have any specific questions, just ask. I'll go with Todd's assesment, though he was jaded by Wolf Creeks vulgar hoarding of snow, Taos, when epic is unmatched!
One of the classic places for skiers...operative word "skiers", as in no snowboarding.
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