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Alta on less the $20 a day

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Gang --

Back from Skiing Utah last week and it was very special (six days a sking). The $20.02 works and is very nice to have (Alta - all day for $18, something to tell the grand kids some day).

Took some work to get the Hotel people up to speed, but it was worth it (No coupons the first day, had to go to another hotel near by and pick them up). Seems that I used my Marriott Points to make the reservation, (Not qualifying - No reveune?). It appears that the package they want you to use is the "ski package" deal which is $10 more then the normal room rate (spliting the cost of the ticket). They were good and gave us the discout coupons anyway (I got a zillion points with them). Revenge was good thought, we told everyone at the hotel about the 3 days and get the $20.02 discount. Seems there was a big rush after that.

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Okay, I'll bite, what are you talking about?

I'm totally clueless in regard to the discount ticket situation you are referring to. Fill us in on the details please.
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$20.02 off lift tickets to any utah resort with at least 3 days in participating accomodations. Didn't have them for my trip this last weekend, but getting them for my March trip. And WAS is completely correct in saying the hotels didn't seem to have a clue. Oh well, still best deal around...
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That's a pretty strange program. Looks like there is lots of confusion to it based on the postings of people who have used it recently. Don't Utah resorts have discount packages like here in Colorado where the lodging and skiing is included in one price? Or is this being influenced by those strange Utah drinking laws?
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The conventional wisdom was that the Olympics + WTC were going to scare off visitors big time from coming to SLC. It's a great idea, but as you can see from the earlier thread, they didn't spend too much time working out the logistical details with the individual properties.

Utah really should get its act together --maybe learn from Colorado -- and do a better job of promoting its ski areas. I assume that the state would like the tax income, and god knows they've got the product & accessibility parts of the equation nailed down.

As I mentioned before, I took a 7 am flight out of NY, and was on the lift at Solitude by 11:15, and on the day of my return, I skied almost five hours... can't even hope to do that in Colorado, with the I-70/DIA monster awaiting.

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I couldn't agree with you more about The State of Utah getting it's act together to support the Utah Ski Industry.Skiing is not really a part of the culture here in Utah. American ski company did a poll in Boston,Denver and Salt Lake City to find out what percentage of the population of these cities skied at least 5 days a year.In Boston it was over 20%, in Denver about 15 to 18 %, in SLC it was less then 7% of the population that skied at least 5 days a year.I think Miami might have a larger percentage of skiers then SLC.Many of Utahs state legislators view tourism as little more then a necessary evil.Places Like Park City are concidered "sin city."These legislators for the most part are from rural and remote parts of the state yet they have a strong block of votes, so they are able to stop a lot of Bills that could aid the Tourist industry and ski resorts here in Utah.
In Colorado for every Dollar that a resort collects in sales tax they get back something like 35 cents of that dollar to use for promotion and mountain improvment. ( a similar Bill was shot down in Utah a few years back ), So a company like Aspen Ski Co. has something like 20 million that they have to spend on ad's, marketing and promotion. Ski Utah spent something like 4 million Dollars last year.In fact, The State Gov. cut back on it's tourist budget last year.As a result.Colorado has about 20 skier visits to Utah's 4 skier visits.In a survey of east coast skiers. Ask where they would want to take a westren ski vacation? Colorado was #1, Calif was #2,and I think New Mexico beat out Utah for #3.
This is a great place we have fantastic snow,excellent Mountains and well run Resorts. Resorts that cater to every type of skier and ability level out there.You can enjoy the posh surroundings of Deer Valley one Day then drive less then an Hour to take in the "old school" charm of Alta.
Like you said we have the Product and the Accessibility.Now we just need to get the word out more.

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You hit the nail exactly on the head Utah49.
This state won't hardly spend any money on this great state for mtn recreation.
I for one,am glad that there are boards like this one, that let's the everyday person, do what they can to promote it. Thanks AC ! [img]smile.gif[/img]
[img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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The $20.02 coupon deal was devised by the folks at SkiUtah! as a way to bring skiers/boarders out this way during the Olympic year. The marketing all hit right around September, so even though the program had been in the works since last season, the timing seemed somewhat odd. Like I've noted before, the program is not particularly uniform because each lodging company has its' own discretion as to how to offer the promotion.

Anyway, on the topic of Utah and skiing - I think that it's going to be difficult to come up with a really unified front to market Utah until a ski company buys up more than 1 resort, for example: DV won't work with PCMR which doesn't want anything to do with The Canyons. Even the Alta/'Bird pass is a bit of a joke at $68 a day!

Oh well, just means more great turns for us...
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