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Keystone Resort

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What is the best way to get from the airport in Denver to Keystone? We are going over MLK weekend. We'll have 6 in our party. Do we need a car once we're there? We are staying in some kind of ski in/ski out condo (but it doesn't look like there is much snow there.) Also, how is ski school for kids (we have 3 ages 11, 8 and 4)? Any other things we should know about Keystone?
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There is only one way to get to Keystone from Denver - via I-70. Seriously, I'd rent a minivan. There are transfers, but the cost for 6 to and from Keystone will be more than the cost of a minivan for a week. Plus, depending on where you are staying, you will want to be able to drive to town for food or to Breck if you want to party. I like the freedom to leave when I want to, not on some limo's or shuttle's schedule. Just take I-70 west through the Eisenhower Tunnel and then follow the signs (I think it's the first exit after the tunnel). Count on 2.5 hours to/from the airport in decent weather.

My kids started their skiing careers at Keystone. We loved their ski school. The young 'uns were skiing all the blue trails within 3 days and had a great time. They were 5, 7, 9, & 11 at the time.
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whether you will need a car depends on how long youre staying. 5 days or less, probably not; else you might want to drive to breckenridge or frisco; keystone doesnt have much close to it that is not in the resort village. anything outside that, you probably want to drive to + a shuttle is around $50 per person from dia.
on ski school, i would call keystone and breckenridge and do a comparison. i dont know about keystone, but you can drop your kids off at the breck school and forget about them until 3pm and you can ski breck and keystone on the same ticket. breck has a huge ski school fro all ages and levels in comparison to most mountains i have been to.
for any other keystone info., i say go to their website; as i would be guessing on want may interest you.
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Thanks for the replies. We are going only for a long weekend (3 days of skiing) so I don't think we'll be trying Breckenridge or any other places this trip. And we're staying in a ski in/ski out to avoid shlepping skis anywhere (ok, I admit, I am lazy). I just wanted to get a sense with respect to the car whether we'd need one to buy food. We don't plan on eating out if we can help it. I have looked on Keystone's site; it's the usual stuff and it's really hard to tell what it's really like. I assume that ski school everywhere is fine; the only place we've ever been where it was terrible was Tremblant in Canada. I just wanted to get a little more insight.
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Keystone ski school has a good reputation; I have not taken lessons there, but Bob Barnes (often found on this forum) used to teach there- maybe he can give you some advice on instructors to ask for.

Summit County finally got hit with some substantial snow this weekend, so the base depths are finally over the top of the grass. Actually, when I skied Keystone last week, despite the scant coverage, the snow was surprisingly good, especially on the sides of the trails, considering what they had to work with. I am assuming it is considerably better now- it certainly was at Breck today.

I agree that the rental option is probably the most economical bet from DIA, but I would give the shuttle services a call- they may have a family plan (I know that Supershuttle from DIA into Denver does, with either substantial discounts or free for kids.) Worth an inquiry on an 800 number.

The only thing you will need a car for is if you want to go into Dillon, Silverthorne, Frisco, or Breck for shopping or entertainment. Everything else should be accessible by foot. I believe that the Summit Stage (free bus transportation) stops in most locations at Keystone, too. The food shopping at Keystone is fairly limited, but there are the usual overproced grocery stores. There's a huge supermarket in Silverthorne that is right on the way to Keystone (a few miles away). When I last used the shuttle service from the SLC airport to Snowbird, they would make a supermarket stop on the way for fairly reasonable extra fee. Maybe they will do this here as well.

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cynwyd17, I ski Keystone often was there this past weekend, as dp said we got some nice snow and condidtions were very good. You do not really need a car once you are at Keystone but it maybe less to rent a car. If you do rent a car be sure to get the entire cost per day. There are many taxes and surcharges added to the quoted per day price.

For kids ski school there is a benefit to using the one at Mountian House Base.
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Thanks everyone for the replies. I will check out the shuttles but we'll probably rent a car for the inevitable grocery run. Kima, I just wanted some clarification from you about the ski school location. I thought it was the same ski school at both locations; we are staying at River Run village but I thought that ski school starts at either location (or they shuttle the kids over or something). Should we get them over to the Mountain House Base ourselves? What is the benefit of that location? Thanks.
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cynwyd17, yes there are schools at both locations. The River Run location requires the instructors to take the little ones up on the gondola to the learning area, plus lunch at the busy Summit House. This causes additional logistics for the instructors that can result in less time spent on snow, a bit more stressful environment. Plus there is not a good place for kids to sit out if they need to for a bit. The learning area at Mountain House base is located right by the school making coming and going much easier. It is also much easier to find your kids if you want to see them skiing. I believe too that the base at mountain house is better for the little ones. They have at least 3 "Magic Carpets", plus one very slow. very low 2 chair that makes learning to load less threatening. That said both schools are excellent but have heard from instructors in the kids school that they prefer to teach beginners at Mountain House. Now if they are of a higher level of skiers it would probably be best to go with what is easier for you.
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Fortunately, our kids are now pretty intermediate with the 10 year old bordering on advanced (all thanks to their experience in ski school which they go to all day, every day, when we ski -- no sense learning from their parents who aren't so great) so I guess we'll be okay. I still may take them over to the other base because it just sounds like it is better and more organized. Also, my 8 year year old son wants to learn how to snowboard so that is probably the right location. I am still trying to talk him out of it because then it will take him awhile to learn and be quite some time until we can all be together on the mountain. Last year he tried it for two days in Utah before switching back to skiing when we found he just didn't have the muscle development to snowboard yet. But he has definitely decided that snowboarding is way cooler. Personally, I'd rather have him truly master skiing and then move on. As to learning to snowboard myself, I think I should stick to one winter sport that I can be mediocre at instead of two!
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It sounds as if your kids would be fine at River Run, my advice was more geared to newbies. Have fun! I will be skiing Keystone that weekend as well.
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