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And now for the snow reports ....

Austria: St Anton once again has the best snow with 245 cm of snow at the top and 30 cm lower down in the valley. 84 lifts open. At the glaciers Ramsau am Dachstein has 300 cm of snow at the top and 25 cm of snow lower down. All 16 slopes open.

Canada: In Canada we can find a stunning 300 cm of snow at Mont-Video in Quebec. 200 cm of snow lower down and all 4 lifts open with new powder snow.

Finland: In Finland temperatures are getting milder (compared to last months -24 degrees) with -9 degrees and 70 cm of snow in Ruka. Excellent skiing with all 15 lifts open.

France: In France the snow situation is slowly getting better. Flaine has the best snow with 185 cm on the upper slopes and 65 cm lower down. 21 lifts open and the last snow fall on Feb 10.

Germany: In Germany Zugspitze has the best snow as usual: 285 cm of snow at the top and 7 lifts open. The last snow fall was on Feb 7.

Italy: In Italy we can find 280 cm of snow at the top of Schnalstal and 20 cm lower down. All 9 lifts open today.

Norway: In Norway you should today go to Roldal to find the best snow: 190 cm of snow, excellent skiing conditions today and 3/4 lifts open.

Spain: In Spain we can find 145 cm snow in Baqueira higher up and 100 cm of snow lower down. All 27 lifts open today and virgin powder !

Sweden: At Ramundberget we discovered the best snow. 115 cm of snow higher up and 115 cm of snow lower down. All 7 lifts open.

Switzerland: In Switzerland the best snow can be found in Engelberg with 325 cm higher up and 20 cm lower down. 20 lifts open.

USA: First a special snow report for the Salt Lake City area: Deer Valley 175 cm of snow, 17/19 lifts open and new powder snow from Sunday. The numbers for Park City are 170 cm snow, 11/14 lifts open and powder snow Feb 10. Snowbasin 177 cm snow, 6/9 lifts open, powder snow from Feb 10.

And the best snow ... Well, I wonder if we have missed these resorts before, but in Timberline, Oregon we can currently find 546 cm of snow!!
All 6 lifts open and naturally virgin powder for everyone!

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