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Skied Okemo this weekend with the wife and kids and some friends of ours. I haven't seen conditions this good in early December in many years. As a matter of fact, I'll go so far as to say that the skiing was probably as good, if not better than most areas in the West right now. Of course, that can change tomorrow around here also.

The mountain is 100% open including the new Jackson-Gore area, which is a bit of a pompous sounding name for an area that has only 2 1/2 trails cut at the present time. The new trails are a nice addition, though and seem quite different from the rest of Okemo.
There are a few nice steep pitches and they do seem more reminiscent of older new England type trails (for now). Unfortunately, the planned base area development will certainly ruin that soon enough.

I hope you all had fun doing your Christmas shopping while we had the entire resort to ourselves all weekend. Thank you. Thank you all, keep shopping for Grandma and the nephews. There was NOBODY at Okemo. There was NOBODY on the Bridgeport ferry with ski racks. There was NOBODY going North with skis on their roof on a Friday night. It was weirdly cool.

Yes, it did drizzle very lightly all day Saturday, and the top 1/4 was a bit foggy, but it was not freezing rain and it actually made the ~5" of powder from overnight and the 12" from Thursday very nice as it bonded very nicely to the existing substantial base. The skiing Saturday was beautiful Packed Powder skiing with 5" of fresh wet sierra cement in lots of places for those of you on fatties.

Sunday it was all groomed to Deer Valley like perfection on most of the mountain. The sun came out a bit and the skiing was spectacular, wide open, packed powder cruising with hardly any FRGR to be found anywhere.

Even the glades were very skiable. As long as you avoided the areas which hadn't been tracked since Saturday morning's snowfall (which formed a thin frozen crust over a few inches of wet crud Sunday morning) the skiing was good, and the bumps were mostly PP and some LSGR in the trees.

We skiied Forrest Bump and Double Dipper glades and found pretty decent cover with just a few rocks to dodge.

This could be an Epic season here in the east if this weather pattern keeps up, and you all keep shopping.

It was great, thank you.