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Winter Park from Solvista

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Anyone familiar with Solvista? Is it too small and flat for a few days for intermediate skiers? I have a good deal available for a nice condo during the holidays but fear my family might be too bored after just one day. We really hate crowds so thought that crowds would be much less at this small resort compared to Winter Park and especially compared to Summit County. How is the trip from Solvista to Winter Park and are crowds at WP real bad the week after Xmas (12/27-1/1/04).
Also, does Harrold Harb still run the ski school at Solvista? Thanks
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Solvista is a nice little ski hill that seems to be growing slightly. The slopes are uncrowded in comparison to WP and for the intermediate skier their should be plenty to keep all busy, including a small terrain park. The commute to WP is a piece of cake and the crowds their shouldn't be to bad especially after the 27th (when all the novices get tired & sore). Go for it if you have a great lodging deal, you can always take the kids tubing in Fraser.
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I have to admit, I'm a major fan of SolVista. Skied there six days last season (late Jan), five were part of Harald Harb's Green/Blue Camp. I'm going back again that same week coming up.
The one mountain is very convenient with thirty-some green and blue trails from one high-speed quad all leading to a nice lodge area. The other mountain is mostly advanced terrain and also leads back to the same base area. There were never lift lines that whole week. Kind of like your own private mountain. Employees are the friendliest you'll find...
Every other night we'd head into WP for food and drink. Although Inn at SilverCreek nearby (great place to stay also), has a decent restaurant and pub.
I'd say that you might tire of it after 2-3 days straight and if so, WP is only a half hour drive. You'll get so darn many runs in at SolVista you'll be amazed.
For someone like me that really likes freshly groomed trails, hates all the crowds and fancy resort vibe, SolVista is heaven.
BTW, the ski school instructors all use the PMTS method.
Good luck!
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