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Crested Butte Closing?

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I heard on a chairlift last week in Jackson Hole that Crested Butte has been doing horrible business for the last few years and is in danger of closing. Does anyone have more reliable information?
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I spent ten days there about twelve years ago; it's a very nice mountain and a very nice, unspoiled town.{was then}
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An ugly rumour, surely?

It's a beautiful place, unprententious and friendly with very some fine ski-ing to be had.

Admittedly that was 11 years ago, but I can't imagine it's changed all that much. Plenty of non-ski-ing stuff to do as well, as I recall. And some great bars!

Here's hoping all is well...
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I hope that’s just a vicious rumor. The Butte, without a doubt, is my favorite mountain in the winters and the summers, in the state. I only wish I could live closer -- someday. The mountain and the terrain, the town and the people, are great.
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The Butte is not close to anywhere, so I can't imagine living closer to it. But that's what makes the town, the ski area, and the surrounding area such a treat to visit. A lot of ski areas are having financial difficulty, but I doubt that Crested Butte will close down. However, if things get worse for them, it could be that they could be bought by a conglomerate (gasp!)
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Its a great hill and town. I read somwhere that they delayed their opening this year kind of as a cost-cutting. Don't know that to be so. Can anyone confirm?
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I was in Crested Butte last week. It remains the wonderful town it has always been. All of the locals will tell you that this is the worst snow year in a long time, and that the past few season have been low snow years generally. Unfortunately, I think that has almost become a reputation for the Butte. The weather pattern for the past couple years is strange. The surrounding mountains (the Anthracites and the Elks) can get pounded with snow, while Crested Butte stays dry. Irwin Lodge is only a few miles away, yet it has been getting several hundered more inches per year than the Butte.

There were very few skiers there last week. The sad part about it is, even in the "worst snow year" in some time, the coverage was excellent, and the snow quality was great. Granted, the North Face wasn't 100% open, and what was open was bony. Still, most of the mountain -- the part of the mountain that most tourists want to ski -- was in absolutely fantastic shape. If the average ski vacationer wants a place to go, the Butte last week would have been the PERFECT destination. Warm sun, great snow (we found boot deep snow in the trees), a variety of terrain, incredible views, and the coolest little town one could want.

I have heard that the mountain isn't doing well financially. As I said it was empty last week. Still, they are building all around the base area, and everyone seems committed to the Mountain. It doesn't feel like a place that is in trouble. I can't imagine the resort closing. It is just such a great place to go.

If any of you know someone that is thinking of going, encourage them to do so. It is one of my favorite places to ski. Even in a bad snow year, I can't image anyone not liking Crested Butte.
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Don't panic, fellow Butte lovers!

I have it on really good authority that while Crested Butte has indeed had its share of problems (like most of the rest of the industry) the axe ain't about to drop!

If anything, Crested Butte has fared rather better than some others, according to my well-placed source.

Let's spread the word and make sure it stays that way, eh?

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what Fred said
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The butte did not open til mid december as a cost-cutting measure. Their business has been going down the last few years along with the snowfall. Most tourists there say they "ski-out" the mountain in three days. Expansion plans have been stymied by No-growth local opposition. As long as the Callaway's other businesses (Callaway gardens in GA,golf clubs,corvettes)are OK I bet the butte is OK. They are pretty committed.
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