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Ok, here is where I'm a true n00b.

I will most likely be picking up some Axis X 174's and of course I'm going to need bindings.

I'm 5-9, 150. I ski mostly black, but nothing extreme yet. I really don't really know what else to put.

Any recomendations? Does it really matter?

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take a look at the marker 1200 piston control I had a pair of axis x 181cm with the 1200 that I sold rustyedge & he loves them, if you check with the ski shops this was a hot binding -ski setup.if you want to go one better try the 1300 piston as it has the comshock piston in the toepiece but cost more & I understand weighs more.
that said there are a lot of good bindings to be had & they all do a good job but we all have our preferences kind of like ford verses chevy ect.
just my .02 bteddy
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Personally, I would go with a non-complex binding to save on weight. You're skis already have a ton of absorbtion built into them. Look at the Salomon 912 especially the Ti version which is really light or at the Rossignol Axial 100 or Axial 120.
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I suggest trying the salomon s912 ti PE2. I believe that it is the lightest binding out there that also dampens you ride ont he ski. I have seen many Axis X's and mod X's with this binding set up. with the titanium heel the binding will be very light 1280g per half pair i believe. I have them mounted on my Xscreams and i love them. you deffinitly wont be dissappointed wiht the binding, and it will be quite a bit lighter than its marker counterpart.
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I believe that bindings are totally personal preferance, get what you like, all will do a good job.

I personally don't like Markers, just my experience. Some of my ski buddies swear by them. I like my Rossi Axial 120's. They are light, and reliable/perdictable. What more can you ask out of a binding?
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Heh, that's my point altaskier, I really have NO CLUE what I want.

I've never gotten technical about ski's/binding's/boot's because I've never had the money to be able to try different setups.

When I said I was a n00b, I really meant it.

I'll look into these bindings...
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If you're just looking for suggestions of things to try - I've always had good luck with Salomon S912s. But I've heard great things about the Rossis/Looks (same thing) AltaSkier mentioned and I'm considering them for the next time I buy some bindings.
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I agree with altaskier1234 about the look bindings. I have never had a problem with them at all. Never had a pre-release.
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I'm surprised no one has suggested Tyrolia yet..
I've never been happier with any other bindings. I've got two pairs now, Free Flex 9 World Cups, and Cyber D9s. Most of the Tyrolia bindings have really good features, and they are reasonably priced.

I've never had release problems with my Tyrolias, and I've put them through a lot. They have unique features like the rolling anti friction mechanism on the toe piece, and the swiveling heel that help to ensure proper release.

When it comes down to binding selection, especially getting advice on which manufacturer to choose, there are a lot of opinions out there. Some people had bindings they liked, some they didn't, most are indifferent. Do some reading, and when you go to the ski shop, buy the binding that has the most features for the least money!

The best advice I can think to give, is pick something with at least a 10mm built in riser.. Stand height is IMHO, one of the most influencial equipment factors on one's skiing..
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I've been using my Looks for a couple seasons now and absolutely love them. Right now it is the only binding I think that I would choose.
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I'm skiing on the Look/Rossi axial's with another pair on the way for a new ski. I also have a pair of atomics on my 9.16's. So far, the Look/Rossi's have been bomber...one of the best binders I've skied. Only a couple unwanted releases that are a result of still finding my ideal din on them. Markers scare me beyond words. No experience with Tyrolia. I've had good luck with Salomons before as well.
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My take on the situation is that the two most poplular are saloman and look/rossi. Salomon is a better choice if you favor retention and want a real solid connection to your boot, since they don't have backward twisting release (I think). Look/Rossi probably have the most reliable release system on the market.

^^^I pretty much pulled that out of my butt, take it with a grain of salt. I have both rossi and salomon bindings, and I haven't had problems with either.
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Oykie is right about the fact that Salomon dont have any release in a backwards fall since that crappy toe peice has no upward release ability. Ever since i hurt my knee with Salomons I stay far far away from them. All the other makes have the ability for the toe peice to release in a backwards fall, kinda tells you somthing doesnt it, Atomics even have a seperate setting for the toe peice for upward realease. LOOK/Rossy (same binding differnt name) have my vote for the safest binding.

You will here people say i never had a problem with my Salomons and am sure there right, they just havent had a bad backwards fall YET. You couldnt get me on Salomon bindings again until they redesign the toe peice. Its not just a preference but a warning for you. If you dont beleive me ask at a good shop about the ability of Salomons to release upwardly at the toe, see what they say. Then ask that same question about any other binding and see what they say then.
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