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Whistler Conditions?

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After the recent snows, how are the conditions at Whistler. I'll be heading out later this month from NC. We were pretty stressed late last year at the lack of snow, but things look much better according to their website. I would still like an unbiased opinion.


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I don't know, but I'm certain they are a lot better than they were a month ago when I was there. Have a friend on her way there this weekend. If I hear from her soon, I'll let you know.

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Presently, pretty good, though I haven't skied there in a while. There is about 200cm, and skiing top to bottom. The weather patterns for coastal BC have become more seasonal in the last couple weeks, with some proper storms and big dumps. The last few days has seen a building high pressure ridge, so unlikely for snow in the next while. Lets hope that changes... I'll be up there all next week!
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I'll be there as well, 10-17. Should be more fun than last time (early December)
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we've had 2 10cm dumps in the last few days but before that nothing really since Christmas so it was getting VERY Icy. top to bottom skiing on both mountains and Blackcomb glacier has opened up now too.

I accidentally skiied over a snowmakers reservoir near Harmony chair the other day and I think that is a reasonable indication of the conditions ie i did not really notice it was there until I was on it so there is enough soft stuff around to hide it.

it certainly is not looking like a great season but there is still enough to ski on, now we just need some more!
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From what I hear, better than most Western North American destinations.

I last skied on Sunday after receiving about 9 centimeters overnight. It was considerably less icy than Saturday.

We didn't get much snow in November and conditions were pretty poor up to the week before Christmas. Between Christmas and New years conditions were great although the base was lower than normal leaving more rocks than usual showing. Just after new years we got rain, which really iced things up and cut the base. We've had moderate snow accumulation since but really need a good dump or two. The last few days have been relatively dry.

The mountain is definately skiable and the groomers here do an excellent job. Right now you will want to stay on the groomed or as high up as possible. The Blackomb glacier is still pretty good. On sunny days 7th heaven on Blackomb or any of the south facing slopes gets nice when the hard pack or ice softens. Unfortunately you won't find any powder and tree skiing isn't very good.
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I just got back from Whistler on the 11th of January. You have to go above the base of Harmony chair to find decent snow. Below that, it is very icy, so much so that most people are down-loading from the top of the gondola at the end of the day. If you're a good enough skier, venture into the bumps under the Harmony chair. They're pretty nice.

I live in Sun Peaks. I came home to 13cm's of new on top of good grooming. It was clear on the 12th, and then snowed again on the morning of the 13th a few cm's. All of the cruising runs ( about 2000 acres of them ) are in great shape. The bumps on intimidator, Fifth Ave, and the Bluff are pretty good too. NO ICE!

Have fun in Whistler.

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