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Little Cottonwood Canyon: The Most Snow in North America

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Yes it is true, we have been dumped on. Check out this web page to see for yourself. http://www.skiutah.com/news/more.php?press_release=67 [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Sure 10 days ago you had the most snow in N.A. You may want to check out snowfall at some NW and CA resorts as of this date to confirm that statement.
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Kirkwood is currently claiming the most snow in NA
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Ever notice how every resort has the most snow, the deepest snow, the first to open, the best grooming, the least grooming, the last to close, the...? I think this is all a bunch of crap. Once the rocks are burried, I don't care how deep the base is, just keep the powder coming!

Oh yea, and I think Alta has the most snow, the lightest snow, the whitest snow, the...

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Good point Sibe, I just violated the Cottonwood Gloden Rule; Don't let others close enough to do unto you.

Reasons not to ski Utah:

1. No Snow
2. Hardpack conditions only
3. Utah drinking laws
a. 1 oz shots
b. 3.2% beer
c. Private Clubs
d. Clubs close at 1:00am, last call near 12:00
e. No kegs
4. Long lift lines
5. Inaccessability
6. Olympic crowds
7. Sack lunch at the Cliff
8. Save Our Canyons
9. Pricy everything
10. I will not mention any more, due to the possibility of offending certain groups.

If you do decide to come to Utah, may I suggest skiing either Brian Head, Deer Valley, or Colorado? I hear that none of the above 10 apply there. (unless that you are a hot, rich female, I'm looking to pimp myself out).
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I'm not really understanding this thread. As I have read it, Alta is supposed to be famous for world class 'light' powder. How then can it be that this 'light' powder has produced the deepest base in the country with only about 200+ inches of snowfall? I am just wondering how you can get 200 inches of fluff to make an 80 inch base. Seems to me that superlight snow areas get LOTS of inches of snowfall, but build a deep base very slowly! :

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feallen, Check out Alta's web page (www.alta.com), and you will see that Alta considers it "Settled Snow", not a base. Call it what you want, its still snow underski and this is what you need to ski on. All the powder in the world is no big deal if you sink through to the rocks. Alta does little grooming (therefore packing), and mostly on easier runs, therefore, it is not packed down like other resorts. Alta is one of a kind.
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Damn.. I picked teh wrong year not to go to Utah
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Yeah, Alta gets a lot of snow, but the last 3 seasons (not this year) have been less that stellar. The line at germ on a good day can lead you to tears. Alta is a great area, but I do get sick of hearing how it is "the best". The best is where you are at on a great day. I lived in Utah for 9 years and miss some things but not enough to ever consider moving back.
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Thanks Sibe but I also have had some of my best days at Alta. One memorable day was on a ski patrol exchange with 14" new on top of 36" over 3 days. I skied with the Alta patrol and cut those big lift lines with some guilt and a BIG smile. Thanks again to Howie, Titus and Moqui. Alta is the closest thing to a natural snowmaking machine ever built by the hand of whoever. Altapig and the rest need to get out some and experience Whitewater/Red/Fernie/Big Sky/Targhee etc. There is a lot more to this world than LCC. Your sarcasm is noted.

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