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Ski shop dilmena in Steamboat

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Hey all,

I'm looking for an alternative to the Sportstalker/Christy shops. They have very limited availability in the Atomic and Volkl lines, which I want to demo heavily (with intent to buy) while I'm there later this week.

The resort ski shop doesn't carry Atomic at all, and only the P50 in the Volkl line. I know there must be some other shops to try, maybe in town?

Thanks in advance.

Wilmington, DE
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Try the Ski Haus. It's right on Rt. 40 on the left before you get to Mt. Werner Rd. I think they handle Atomics. They had almost every brand of ski available. None of the Shop downtown had Atomics. Good luck!

Straightline, a ski/mountaineering/fishing shop carries nothing but Volkls. It's downtown on Lincoln street and I believe on the corner of 11th.

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Thanks for the tips. Are both locations serviced by the shuttle?

First time I've ever gone on a ski trip where I didn't have a rental--I knew the schlepping stuff was going to bite me in the end!
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Yes, everything in Steamboat is serviced by the shuttle. Every ten minutes. One of the nice things about Steamboat.
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Boy, it's feast or famine. In all my gear discussions, it never occurred to me I might have a problem finding a ski shop that offered Atomics and Volkls under the same roof.

Called Ski Haus--they have the 9 and 10 series in the Atomic Beta Ride line, but no 11s, and no Volkls at all. Sportstalker has the Atomic R11s, but no 10s, and as mentioned before, next to no Volkls.

I was all psyched for a full week of messing around with the Atomic 11.20s and 10.20s (in varying lengths) and a couple Volkls, particularly the G4. Grumbly mumbly blankety blank blank.
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I had a tough time finding Volkls as well, I REALLY wanted to try the G4 and called every shop in town with no sucess. Ended up going to the ski shop underneath the Sheredon. I think they had a couple of Atomics mounted and ready for demo as well as having the Volkl p50 carver motion and vertigo motion, nothing else. I dunno about the sizes that they have. In every other brand they seemed to have everything that you might need. Since you mentioned the 10.20 the 11.20, and the G4 I'm assuming that you're looking for a mid fat.

I took out the Fischer Big Stix 84(which has similar dimentions to the G4) and the Salomon 1080 and really liked the two of them. The other nice thing about the shop is that since its right on the slopes you can change up skis when ever you want so it was really nice for comparisons sake. Once you pay to demo skis you get the run of their whole arsenal for the day.(depends on what gets taken though, wouldn't recomend doing it on a weekend.)

I don't know what you're looking for in a ski but if you want one ski that REALLY surprised me try the 1080 its SUPER versitile and a really fun ride. I never would of thought of taking in out except that the Pocket Rockets that I wanted to try were out and the shop guy said that the new 1080 is "basicly" a smaller PR. I was really impressed by the ski and probably would have bought it as my second pair for skiing east coast trees had i not found a pair of 165 Explosives.

Hope you have a great time!!
Steamboat is one of my favorite places to ski I'm insanely jealous of you! :
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Yes, we're really psyched. It's funny to hear my three year old son pronounce "Colorado." We leave at oh-dark-thirty tomorrow morning.

In any case, I'll look into the skis you mentioned. That's often how I get turned onto a certain ski, too: availability. Based on your tip, I think I'd better call that other ski shop Lars mentioned that only carries Volkls. I don't think I can make an informed decision without skiing on the G4s. Two years ago in Utah I loved the G40s.
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Originally posted by Aaron:
Yes, we're really psyched. It's funny to hear my three year old son pronounce "Colorado." We leave at oh-dark-thirty tomorrow morning.
Just to get you even more psyched, it's been dumping here all day long. The snow is thigh deep in spots. A friend is visiting this week, and we found freshies all day long.

By the way, in addition to the ski shops mentioned in the previous posts for rentals, try One Stop Ski Shop and Ski and Bike Kare (yes, spelled with a K). They're both a bit off the beaten path, but the owners of both know lots about everything related to skiing.

Have fun on your visit!


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Straightline has alot of Vokls at a very good price. Demos are $26 a day, but they are selling off their demo line quickly. Call and reserve what you want as I had problems this week getting things since they were reserved. The SST runs right by this shop.

I didn't care for Ski Haus one bit. Their Atomic line was pretty slim and everyone there had the attitude that if you don't tele backcountry you aren't sh!t. They also treat all the out of towners as if they are gapers. Maybe this attitude changes if your whipping out a gold card, I don't know.

Straightline was extremely helpful and friendly, talk to Brett Lee...nice guy. I couldn't find an R10 anywhere in town to demo again on big terrain as the Atomics that are carried seem to be the R:ex's and the like. Makes sense, considering the terrain, but not a great ski for me in the East.
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