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Ski Canada?

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I'm planning a trip to Canada in February(flying from Reno,NV). I'll probably go solo and am seeking any info about cat-skiing,heli-skiing or the best Resorts for steep terrain and good snow. Any advice would be appreciated....
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Man, I sure am envious!!! It sounds like you have the option to make this trip the best of the best! ...Here is my slant, even though I am sure there are those who might have differing opinions:

The best skiing location on the continent is at Golden, B.C.. The local hill is Kicking Horse and will rival anything on the continent once completed. For now it is an expert hill with just a sprinkling of tame runs to meet demand. I don't think anyone can find fault with the tremendous skiing found at the top of the mountain, but for now it just isn't a complete ski area. ...But the good news is that it is within an easy early morning drive of such notables as Lake Louise, Panorama, and Sunshine Village. All three of them serve up expert terrain that is seldom found inbounds in the lower 48, with the added benefit of being full service resorts. Snow conditions are generally excellent during mid-winter. Even low snow years generally see good preservation characteristics due to their location high up the continental rockie mountain spine. The resort skiing up there is not the snowiest on the continent, but good crisp light snow is the rule rather than the exception.

The heli-skiing is unrivalled in this area. Several operators are located in Golden. There are plenty of options in the area, and one would have no problem finding whatever you might want. Snowcat skiing is available also. Just to the west is Revelstoke, where there is a snowcat operation above Powder Springs ski area. There are some real deals to be had skiing stand-by with their powder cats. There are also many other alternatives for anyone with an imaginative mind. The folks in the Golden area for years sold themselves as a recreation area without the benefit of a recognized 'ski area', and that tradition lives on. I am sure you can find what you may want in the area, but please be advised that this area has not yet become a tourist destination. You might not find all of the plush services destination skiers have come to expect.

Hope you have a terrific trip!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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There are so many great choices. Obviously you seem to some flexibility. Golden and Revelstoke are great choices but are somewhat difficult to access. If you want to go there fly into Calgary. Other choices to check out from Calgary are Banff, Lake Louise, Fernie, Red Mountain and Panarama. Check the ski conditions first. Up until recently I heard they were not too good.

Your other option is flying into Vancouver. Whistler/Blackomb is the easiest to access and the largest resort. Other smaller resorts include Sun Peaks and Big White. they are much smaller than Whistler and harder to get to but if they get snow it will usually be lighter.

For cat and heli skiing, Revelstoke is a great choice, notwithstanding the unfortunate recent incident. There are several operations that have very good reputations including Mike Wiegle's out of Blue River, near Revelstoke. Search these forums and you will get lots of useful info about this and other operations. It may difficult to book a decent operation on such short notice as they usually book up well in advance but as a single you may luck out and get a good deal to boot.

Currently the conditions at Whistler, where I ski, are improving but if the weather warms up we might get rain. the base is OK, over 200 cms., 81 inches and rising, assuming we don't get rain.

If you can afford it, however, and are in good shape, go for heli or cat skiing. You can't beat it.

Good luck.
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Just took kinda the trip you're talking about. I live in Tahoe and flew outta Reno via Southwest to Spokane. Cheap flight, cost me less than $150 RT. Rented a car for a week ($320 for SUV w/Hertz & AAA discount) and headed North of the Border. Cat ski'd for 3 days w/White Grizzly ( http://www.whitegrizzly.com ) then a day w/Retallack ( http://www.retallack.com ). Ski'd at Red Mountain the next day and headed back. You can easily ski Whitewater and Baldface ( http://www.baldface.net ) offers cat-skiing, both near Nelson. Kootenay Experience also offers cat-skiing outta Nelson. Fernie isn't too far away and Island Lake Lodge may have a slot or two open for cat skiing ( http://www.islandlakelodge.com ) Schweitzer is definitely worth a day, that's in Northern Idaho and Silver Mtn just east of Coeur d'Alene I've heard is good but never been there.
That should get you started. Have a blast!!! I think they're gettin' dumped right now!
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[spam]If you're looking for some incredible helicopter-style terrain but at far more reasonable prices, then take a look at the new catski operation north of Nelson called Valhalla Powdercats... www.valhallapow.com
No lodging, just day catskiing in some worldclass terrain. I'm a bit baised since i'm involved in this operation, but there's no denying they have the best snow in the province (and maybe north America) right now. Who ever answers the phone, just tell them you're an epicski member and they'll swing you a deal.
Wherever you end up, enjoy! /[spam]
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Thanks for the excellent ideas epic ski members. I have a shitload of info to work with now! I'll start looking into the flights and pow-pow in the respective areas. Keep me posted on any current changes.

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