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Waffling on length and an unbelievable offer

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I'm pretty much decided on purchasing a pair of K2 Axis X's this year. I demo'd them in April and absolutely loved them. Unfortunately, I cannot remember what length I demo'd and can't decide between the 174 and 181. I've had tons of advice from people here and from ski shops and the advice is pretty much split 50-50.

That's where this offer comes in. The shop I'm using (Nor-Ski and Sport in Pleasanton, CA [Bay area {east bay}] - gotta love using all your parens) gave me this offer: Buy them in either length and ski them for a week. If you don't like the length, bring them back and we'll give you the length you want.

Anyone ever heard of a deal like this? I'm wondering what they'll do with the old pair if I return them. Probably make them demo's? Unless they make better than 50% margins, I'm thinking they are setting themselves up for trouble if this is the standard deal they offer. Either that or they are SO good at fitting people to skis that few return them.
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From there point they no you will like either length but you mite like one length better but unless you ski both you will never no will you.

Iam 5'8" 150lbs and have ModX in 181 i got last year mid season and like them alot. Same as Axis X this years new name and coulor scheme. I think you will like either length as i think thats what the shop is counting on. How much are they asking for the ski's, that would help to see what kind of deal your getting. I paid alot for my Mod X as i got them last January after i demoed them in late December. I paid $550 for the ski's alone, no bindings.

Kevin one other note, some of these guys here still think you need a ton of length in a ski for stability, thats just not true anymore. Some top GS racers dont use ski's as long as some of these guys and there hitting well over 70mph. Only reason you mite want a longer length is for float on powder, but you wont need anything longer than 181, plus the fact or opinion of SKI magazine buyers guide as that the Axis x to them seems to ski long so dont get to long a length. In fact i mite even like the shorter length but never tried demoing it. <FONT size="1">

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I'm skiing the MXP = same as Axis Pro in 188, am level 8-9 @ 200lbs. Ski PNW. I skied Axis (ModX) and was too soft, needed to go to MXP for metal and torsional stiffness needed to punch crud and ski hardpack. Love speed - MXP rock solid. Shop I bought from gave me great offer - try em and return them within a MONTH if you do not like the ski and or length. The 181 was not as stable at speed, landings and off piste for me. I see both last years MX and MXP around for 400.00 still in wrap, mostly 188's since folks are going short. If you're my size and ski hard I sure would not go below 181. Like bumps and lotsa trees w/o concern for high speed stability then the ModX / Axis in 74 / 81 would certainly do the job. That's my 2cents.
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I bought the ModX in 188 and I am 5'8" and 200lbs.

The shop that I work with had a similar deal but I had 30 DAYS!!!!!! I actually took 45 DAYS!!!! but they still took my 188's back for th 181 and gave me the AXIS X!!!

Skied the Axis X in a 181 in Squaw for last years gathering and loved them. No speed limit for me and the ran through the crud and pow pretty nice.

Go for the 181's if you ski alot of Sierra Pow.


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Thanks all. As far as the price, they want $599 for them. Not a great deal but I'm not going to argue over $50 if I can get good support from the shop. I could get them mail-order for about $500 but I'd rather deal with a local place and face to face.

Pow, how were the 181's making short turns? I ski powder when it's there but am more concerned about short turn performance than speed. I think that's why the shops/web pages are recommending I go with the 174s. I'm 5'6, 170.
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I went down to the 181 from the 188's because I wanted a short turn radius. With the Axis series check out the turn size that is put on the ski. the 174 is shorter than the 181 but I find the 181 good for my uses. It is short enough but not to short it does not seem to force me in to a too short turn radius.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks again, Ed. I'll probably buy the 181's and then trade them for the 174's if I'm not happy with the radius. I REALLY wish I could remember what size I demo'd because they were perfect! They felt so perfect, in fact, that I'm sure that after making one turn on whichever size I buy, I'll know immediately if that was the size I demo'd.
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Hey Kevin.. I see you are narrowing the search for skis. Did you ever settle on which bump skis? I heard they are not selling the 1080 Moguls in the US this year because it is a 'niche market' and the order was not big enough. It is still skied by a lot of pros, but they are not going to sell them retail. Of course, that could be a bad rumor..
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OK. I was wrong. I just did a search and found the 1080 Moguls at http://www.scsports.com/getproducts....t=6&subcat=269 .. I'm sure that stores up at Killington will also sell them again. Let me know if you want me to look for deals for you.
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Hey KevinH - I am the same height and weight as you, and I own the Mod X in a 174. While it is not my favorite ski ( I like my 173 Enemys better) I did spend about 30 days on them last year. The lenght was perfect for me. I work FT at Mammoth Sports School as a supervisor/trainer and ski about 170 days a year. I love windbuff, pow, bumps and crud, and I ski the groomed as fast as I can to get it over with. The 174 may seem a little short at first, but once you get those babies carving tip to tail...
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thanks again, all. I really feel like a dork for not writing down the lengths of all the skis I demo'd.

Spin, what conditions do you switch to the Enemy's for? I've always thought they were solely a pipe ski.

Heya Mack, how's married life treating you? Congrats! As far as bump skis go, I've got a deal working with the Dynastar Assault. It's still coming down in price. I haven't seen the 1080's in a shop yet but several said they thought they would be stocking them.<FONT size="1">

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Married life is great! The wedding and honeymoon both went very well. Got all sorts of good compliments for the wedding (apparently I 'throw a good and classy party').. as well as the honeymoon Actually, it was great. We went to Playa del Carmen in Mexico and totally relaxed. Went to Chichen Itza (mayan ruins) for a day, and just chilled out at the beach or pool the rest of the time. THANKS for asking!

Hey, looks like me and some buddies might do a trip to Squaw/Alpine some weekend in January. Maybe we can hook up.

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KevinH - I really like the Enemy better for just about everything. About the only time I really prefer The Mod X is on refrozen spring mornings, or the rare extra firm day. This season my Mods are rock skis, even though they are in great shape. Once we get snow, I will ski my Enemys and my AK Launchers. The Mod X is great, but I find the "Enema" is just more fun.
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