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Drive SLC to jackson

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Someone last year posted driving directions and drive time from SLC to Jackson. Could not find that thread today. Help anybody?
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sibe covers the 2 choices i believe.
4 hours
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Sibe, ti,
thanks. MapQuest has it as a 7 hr. drive! I thought i remembered a shorter drive time from Epicski. 4 hours, no problem.
Any of these routes sigmnificantly quicker than the others? If not, i guess I'll plan to stay on Interstate as long as possible.
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JW, be aware that bad weather can close Teton Pass, making the drive from Driggs to Jackson considerably longer as drivers are forced to travel to Swan Valley then up Pallisades and the Snake River Canyon to get to Jackson. Check the weather forecast before setting out, and if it calls for significant storms in the Jackson Hole area, I'd opt for I-80 to Evanston then Cokeville and Star Valley. The Soda Springs route contains some dicey sections of road north of Soda as well as Tin Cup pass.
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thanks very much
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Drive north on I-15 from Salt Lake City, to Idaho Falls 3 hour drive. From Idaho Falls east on US 26 to Swan Valley, 30 minutes.
In Swan Valley you can continue to Jackson via US 26, or turn left on Idaho 31 up to Victor, turn right onto Idaho 33,(turn left to go to Targhee) which will turn into Wyoming 22( Teton Pass)another 45-60 minutes at most, provided the pass isn't closed. You can stop in Swan Valley, and ask any local if Teton Pass is open
Be sure to drink a few pints of Teton Ale, a great microbrew, brewed in Jackson
And if you have a extra day in the Salt Lake area, drop me a line, i'll help you out with some passes, to a resort here.
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Going back to jackson this year?

What about Snowbasin or is Utah off limits this year with the Olympic pricing?

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JH over the New Year holiday.

Probably won't try Utah this year, except maybe very end of season. When I do go back to Utah next, will definitely do a day at least in Snowbasin.
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Snowbasin for Bears 2003????? HMMMMM. Keep that one in the back of my mind.

I'm jealous about JH. Going east this year with the kids and should have a good week at some of the usual suspects in VT. Hey that where I broke out of Ohio and so will my kids too!


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Just wanted to say thanks for these directions. Trying to put a 10-14 day trip together flying into SLC. If things go as planned, think I'll shoot over to Jackson for a day or 2. If/when I get things more set, i'll drop you utah guys a line and maybe we can meet up so you can show me the fun places to play. -DMR
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