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Sugarloaf Trail Suggestions?

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Asked this question last year, but trip got cancelled (Darn!). Am definitely going to Sugarloaf ME (my first time there) with a group from my son's school the 1st weekend in March. I like steep twisty (but not too bumpy) groomers. Which trails should I seek out? Thanks!
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You can definetly find those trails at the loaf. Go to the snow fields (Can't miss em). Back side of the snowfields would be my suggestion towards White Nitro, Pure Heat, Ignitor, Jagger, and Powder Keg. If the snow is good they are great. Watch for thin spots I don't think the cover is that great. Other wise head for Bumblecuffer, U. Double bitter (tight), U winters way, misery whip. Look for a section between misery whip and widowmaker that I think was opened as tree sking, it is tight steep but a ton of fun. Have a good one.
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