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Looking to heli-ski in alaska this season with about 5 others for a week. Has anyone here been there done that? Any info would be appreciated.
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If you're talking about heliskiing in Thompson Pass or anywhere else around Valdez, be aware that you can get skunked really easily. Weather is nothing if not unpredictable there. Winds, poor visibility, avalanches... if it can go wrong, it usually does. When it's good, it's epic-good. When it's bad, it's miserable or downright life-threatening. Most of the time I go there for the experience, not for the awesome conditions. You spend a lot of time around the base camp waiting for safety to clear the routes or waiting for a ride- be patient. I encountered some boney, severely windblown conditions earlier in the season last year, but a friend caught it just right for some really nice turns a month or so later. All in the timing and luck I guess.

I go through ABA , since they offer a no-frills/all-business operation. Great guides, well-run, and just a bunch of nice people. If you go, make reservations early, because that puts you at the top of the list for heli rides.
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thanks for the advise and recommendations.

what time of the season is best weatherwise? we were thinking of going in late feb. or march.
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February is out of the question, and March is still just the beginning of the season. I hit the first week of airplane skiing (cheaper) last season on the second weekend in March. Shoot for mid-April, when the snow pack is more stable and the snow is deeper. I'd call each of the operations around Valdez and ask when the primo conditions are- might be a different answer from each because of their location and how booked up they are.
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