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What is/are the names (if they have names) of the series of three or four chutes at the very upper most part of the Cirque, just to the right (looking from the tram) of the tram tower? Looking at them from the tram, there is a wider one on the far left; then, moving right, a narrower one; then one or two others. My son and I skied the narrower one when there on March 6. Really sweet. From the bottom of the chute we then traversed hard to the left, crossing most of the Cirque to get to the top of a really fun natural halfpipe with a good pitch to it and lots of bumps. Think that one was called Dalton's Draw or something like that. That unnamed chute and somebody's Draw was the run of the long weekend for us.

I have also been meaning to post something about Snowbasin, which we tried and really liked. Will do that separately.

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