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Tahoe is miserable!!!

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I just got back from riding the new year at squaw. It was terrible! The mountain was a giant block of frozen crud with softer snow underneath. On the upper half you broke through and at the base you just couldn't get an edge. It rained almost the entire day!! By 2 the ice was gone and was replaced with thick, wet, even spring-like conditions. AHHHHHHH!!!
Alright, just had to vent.

And has anyone seen all the scalpers in the parking lot?!? They were everywhere selling "discounted", (try corporate), tickets. Geez.
We wonder why the industry is failing... could it be because skiers are ripping off the resorts we love?
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Next time drove about three hours south on the 395, and turn left, ride lift, enjoy. It is good to have a base at 8000 feet.
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I just came back from five days at Alpine Meadows. Simular conditions to Squaw this past week but hey it's still SNOW. [img]smile.gif[/img]
I first learned to ski in New England.This past week in North Tahoe would be considered quite tolerable by New England standards. Anyway, I still had fun inspite of the rain at the base and low visibility above mid- mountain.

Sometimes we just get a little spoiled. I do want to check out Mammoth though. Can someone tell me what the the winter road conditions are usually like (eg.chain requirments) heading down from South Tahoe?

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We are getting another 6 inches tonight...gonna be great in the morning.

395 is usually not bad if you are not driving during a big storm.

Use this link to check road conditions
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Next time drove about three hours south on the 395, and turn left, ride lift, enjoy. It is good to have a base at 8000 feet. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Next time drive about one hour south on the 395, and turn left on 88, ride lift, enjoy. It is good to have a base at 7800 feet. [img]smile.gif[/img] -dave
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Yeah it sounds like Tahoe sucks but I wonder if its worse than the crap--I mean snow--out here in Colorado. All the mountains in the front range are reporting 30 inch bases but there is nowhere near that much snow on the runs. A week ago, I boarded a day a Copper Mt. and got a 24-inch base gouge on my board. The guy at the shop said he's never seen anything that bad. Over the holiday break they had some expert terrain open but there are hundreds/thousands of rocks/stumps at the base of every mogul. After 1 run I even refused to ski it with my rock skis. To top it all off there's more skiers and out there overcrowding the slopes and scraping the base lower each day. I've got season passes but I feel for the shmucks paying for this crap. It seems as though each year here is much worse than the previous season. Makes you wonder how Colorado gets a reputation for great snow--if you believe that marketing lie, you obviously don't live here.

Time for a road trip!
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Mmmmmmmh guys, get to Europe! Skied some great powder in Switzerland this week. Had some good dumps but high avy risk. Right now we're waiting for the next dumps to come. Hopefully next week or so. Tis pretty cold so snow is good though scarce!
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After 4 weeks of awesome powder, this past week we got some rain. But looks like things have changed back, last night we got about 6" of what looks like good snow to cover up the crap. I'll do my duty and go check out the new conditions and report back. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Did Mammoth get nothing but snow this past week? It is especially important for the East side to get a deep base so we can have a long spring backcountry season down there!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by AC:
I'll do my duty and go check out the new conditions and report back. [img]smile.gif[/img]

AC, how do you live with this pressure?
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Ski'ed Tahoe after Christmas but left Sunday Night before New Years. It was fine. What did you do to it in two days???

Seriously there was a storm blowing in the day we left that was just warm (rain). We saw nothing but rain as we left going over Hwy 50 (Temp at 37F over the pass and most of the way back to the Bay Area was Heavy warm RAIN. As I check the current reports, new snow has fallen. So this weekend should be OK. Hope so, my brother & I are going to Kirkwood.
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As others have pointed out, Altitude is Everything. Slide Mt, NV at a base of 8260 has been pretty good during these warm storms and last night we received another 4-6" of lighter snow. I've heard the west slope even got some cold snow so now that the Western Californians have to return to work,school, etc. the skiing will hopefully return to the powder, packed powder conditions of December.

A snowboard is also an excellent choice for slicing up the heavier snow that fell over the past few days. Looks like I'll be back on skis after today as we are forecast to go 3-5 days without any precipitation. Damn, that powder riding was GREAT!!
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DesertDawg, I agree, Rose has been great this year, maybe a little crowded now that they have the 6pack, but pretty good none the less, love that $200 pass too!
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OK. If the snow sucks so much there I'll trade you.

Your Squaw for my Killington. I'll take tons of wet and heavy crud any day over man-made dusting on top of sheets of ice.
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It's all perspective!

I skied Saturday-Tues. and had a blast. sure we got wet and the turns were a little more work but not impossible. Good practice for those spring crud days. Nothing like wet sierra cement to remind you to stay centered and focused.
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Another powder day at Mammoth today. I was way too busy to enjoy it much, but it was a nice one. No, it has not rained (knock on wood!) on he mountain at all. There have been a few wet moments in town, but nothing but white on the hill. Keep it coming, like AC said, it is all about a good base for spring backcountry skiing. The snow report for Mammoth has been very conservative. There is at least 15'+ on most of the upper mountain.
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Mammoth Cruzer,
Thanks for the web site road conditions to Mammoth info. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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