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My First Steamboat Trip

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As a present to myself for getting through another semester of college, I purchased a trip to Steamboat from 14th to 18. Since then, I have become aware that only about 50 percent of the runs are open, not including the bowl, and that they haven't had snow in weeks. Should I be dissapointed? Lastly, does anybody know a cheaper way to get from Denver to Steamboat that the 130 dollar van? Hell my flight to Denver was only $140. I am too young to rent a car so don't say it. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] Anyhow, what should I be expecting?

PS. I am an expert skier but haven't been on the slopes in 4 years, should I rent those parabolic skiis or bring my Salomons? They were bad ass back in the day. :

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Welcome to EpicSki!

I am headed to Steamboat for the first time also. Sunday arrival for me. 15th - 19th skiing. So I have been watching the snow forecast very carefully. I have been a bit worried about the lack of snow. The forecast looks like a few inches today and tomorrow and then at least a foot Sunday and Monday so conditions should be improving. As far as terrain, I don't know. It seems like they (and everyone else for that matter) like to open new terrain for the weekend so I keep hoping that they will open something new late this week. I did notice on the snow report the other day that there was a mention that people have been hiking to some of the Mt. Werner chutes from the top of Storm Peak.

Can't help you with transportation.
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Thanks for the response. A foot! I hope so. Have a good trip.

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