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Big Sky - Info Needed

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I will be going to Big Sky during President's week in February. I am trying to find the lodging deal of the century for two people. I will already have a pass from Crystal Mtn. which allows me to ski free, so no package deals would work. Any lodging or skiing info would be appreciated.
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Not sure exactly how low you think you can go, but I have friends who rent their studio out at times. Send me a PM and I can put them in touch with you. Presidents week/weekend is a good time to visit. If you can put it off into early March, Dirtbag ball weekend is a very social time. All in all you will enjoy it here, you won't see a lift line.
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If you don't mind driving 50 miles each way lodging is way cheaper in Bozeman. There are numerous clean, older motels around but you'll have to fight the Minnesotans for them on Presidents' Weekend. Staying in Bozeman has the added advantage of more bars & restaurants.

PS - If you're in the area you should spend a day skiing at Bridger Bowl but avoid it if its a powder day because the lines are insane (I have my pass at Bridger but ski Big Sky on powder days to avoid the crowds).
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there are also some chain hotels on the highway in bs that might not be too expensive. Bozeman is cheaper, but you will really regret saving the money while creeping the canyon in a snowstorm! Big Sky is relatively uncrowded (compared to most resorts!) but even BSR must admit, if you are going to find a line at bs, its gonna be president's day weekend! BS is also the home to what i find to be the most annoying lift line in the country. the tram! It seems like on a powder day half the line is made up of people just riding up for the view. I think a no downloading rule on the tram is in order!
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Yeah there will be some lines on Pres. weekend, during the morning and after lunch, but they really aren't what anyone else in the country would consider long. As for the tram, I would like to see it open to skiing only from say 9:30 til 3.00 and then be open for scenics from 3:00 to 4:00. Standing there on a good day while surounded by non-skiers who are taking up space is maddening. If Rio of Ridgehiker wouldn't mind expressing this viewpoint to tmiddleton@bigskyresort.com
it couldn't hurt.
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BSR, Thanks for the email, i'll defintely use that!

The worst i ever saw was riding up the tram with less than half the riders carrying skiis. and it was so fully white-out that the scoot around to crons was a bit zesty. Seemed a little weird to ride all that way to look at clouds from the inside.

So BSR, were you at Corinne and Eddy's wedding?

Later, RH
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Why yes I was at Corrine and Eddys wedding. Small world eh? By the way, the word on the street is that Big Sky got hammered yesterday by Army Corps of engineers and the EPA over wetland issues. Maybe the Bozeman Comical will have another front page story tomorow or Sunday, they love to stick it to Big Sky when the Ski corp. screws up. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I figured you'd know eddy. he's my 'big sky local test'. if someone claims to be a big sky local, you just have to ask if they know eddy to find out for sure. the wedding was a blast, but my girlfriend and i were camping up the road a from the 320, at the trail head. sleeping in the back of the truck anyways. my girl works for a caterer, she catered a wedding that afternoon that was a pig roast. she woke up at 4am realizing that she had transported the pigs in our truck and it smelled like smoked pork. that was the end of her sleeping, thinking about bears and roast pork, and the beginning of my semi drunken drive down the canyon.

we'll have to make some turns this winter.

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Big Sky will probably not get much attention in the paper. Some morons at MSU allowed 9 of the college's horses die of dehydration recently and that is going to be the focus of attention for a while. Add in a few bears with cubs lurking around the town and the front page is full (they captured one set 4 blocks from my house and another family has been spotted on the golf course across the street from my house....golfers are adviced not to go into the bushes looking for their balls).
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I dont know Rio, i bet they'll make room for an article about big sky. the size and location of which will have alot to do with how much trouble bs gets into. I remember a couple years back Red Lodge wasnt able to open because of some wetlands problems (i think they were leaking sewage into it).

BTW, Rio, i was walking the galligator trail near my house (near peets hill) and saw some bear shit on the trail

thats like 5 blocks from downtown
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