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I'm taking all your good advice to heart and trying on lots of boots. I get such conflicting information though from salespeople at the ski shops though. Would anyone have an opinion about Dalbello boots, specifically the 8.4 . I'm an intermediate skier hoping to make progress. The Dalbello boots seemed to feel and fit the best. I'm told their designed to "fit" a wide variety of people, and that they are often bought for rental purposes. I seemed to have read somewhere in this forum that Dalbello boots aren't highly regarded. Please, your thoughts. Thanks!
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What you need to do, is to find a boot that actually fits. By that I mean a tight but comfortable fit. If it is too comfortable it's probably too loose. Spend some time at the better shops in your area and try on several different brands and ....... take notes! Think in terms of foot volume instead of thinking of size, each manufacturer has a different shell and liner. You will find that the Lange has a different feel from the Technica etc. Get the shop that you buy from to agree to work with you to get a better fit once you have used the boot a few times. Wear the lightest sock that you will ski in to have the initial fit done, you can always switch to heavier socks as the liner packs out over time (compresses and that snug fit gets loose).
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