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skiing near Seattle?

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I may be out in Seattle on business near the end of April. Are there any good ski areas within 250 miles that will still be open by then?

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I'm sure some of the Western Bears will post on this, but a few of my favorites are Alpental, just East about an hour on I90 at Snowqualmie pass. another is Crystal mountain a little farther away but awesome skiing. Stevens Pass, and Whistler/Blackcomb is about a five hour drive if you have enough time to travel.
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We are Stevens Pass holders. Unfortunately we close April 11. Most other areas will be closed too. Crystal sometimes stays open, but has been reopening week-ends in May for Spring skiing. Your best best is Whistler/Blackcomb. Cheap tickets($26-28), cheap condos, great all around area. PM me for any other info.[b]

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I would recommend the Mt Baker ski area if you are looking to ski on the weekend. They are open weekends through April, and they have had over 600 inches of snow to date this season---and they still have a base of 159". It's a wonderful area with a good vibe among the skiers and riders.

On the weekend of April 24-25 they are holding the Shuksan Slopestyle contest.

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Whistler or Mt Baker. All other areas closing earlier, not so much due to lack of snow but lack of crowds.

I've had good luck skiing Mt Baker end of April last couple of seasons (even had fresh snow a couple of years ago) but I'd go to Whistler if you have the time.
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Lived at Whistler 2 years. I like Baker.
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Mt. Baker should be open till end of April/beginnng of May(Fr-weekends only though). All others will be closed in WA. At least this season.
Anyway, check
this: www.skiwashington.com , there you'll find uptodate info about every WA mountain.
You may also consider Whistler, BC (~4hr)
and Mt Hood-Timberline,OR (~4.5hr): www.timberlinelodge.com

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Variations on the theme - just found out I may be at Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop, Washington on a biz trip in first week of May and could have Saturday May 8 free. Any clues if Baker will be open that late? If not is Whistler the only option? Mapquest says its @ 300 miles to Whistler -- any other B.C. places open late? Big White?

Thanks for any help on this.
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drive up hwy 20 and hike a ridge..

the mountains up on hwy20 the pass nearest to whintrop are very very nice.. The mountains of the north cascades are a lot stepper and higher than south..

I think there might be a heli operation in the area..
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Heli skiing is probably not a financial possibility but if anyone knows an operation around Winthrop area post details ...

Good idea re hiking but I've got no backcountry experience or equipment; I'm flying out from the east coast. So it's probably lift served or nothing.
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upon closer inspection they are closed fo the season though..
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1st choice is Whistler! Went may 10th last year & it was fabulous!

Mt. Bachelor is also open but is 5 1/2 hours, but lots of terrain & snow!

If you are going to drive all the way to Baker you may as well hit Whistler.
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Baker is about a 2.5 hour drive from Seattle, Whistler adds another hour and a half. That's a lot of driving for a day trip!

The thing about Baker in April, they are closed Monday through Thursday. That often results in epic snow-fests on Fridays! OTOH, Whistler is a couple thousand feet higher in altitude, and that can mean a lot in the Spring.

Plus, Whistler has better groomers.
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As a Seattlite I'll put my vote in for Whistler as your best bet for great lift serviced skiing at that time. 4 hour drive, but it can be hard to hit it right to avoid traffic. Leave by noonish, or after 8.
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Mt. Bachelor is just about 250 miles away. We had fresh powder every day this week and more on the way. Base is 115-130 inches. They are on spring schedule during the week, open 8-1
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