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Vermont was Heaven last weekend.

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I couldnt have asked for a better time time to take off work, hop in the car and head up to Vermont then last weekend. Saturday we skied at Okemo, and was it ever some perfect skiing. Great glades, sweet bumps, and one big rock that bent my edge up into the cap of my new skis. After about an hour of complaining I talked to the Salomon rep that was at the mountain and he said I would be able to send them back, so I was happy again. Sunday we woke up and headed for Mad River Glen, and I can officially say that MRG is the most amazing resort in Vermont. Ya the line to the single chairlift was long but the skiing was incredible. Woods, powder, and extra long bump runs made for an superb day for sure. Finally Monday we hit up Sugarbush and had some great skiing there as well. The weather didnt accomodate as much as we would have liked but the jumps in the park made up for the clouds.
Needless to say, I am taking this week to recover and plan out some more time I can take off to get back up to Mad River.
Thanks for reading,
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Sounds great.

Did you wear all those new stickers I sent?
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Great. Hopefully warm temperatures this week will not destroy the cover completely.
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I skied at Magic Mountain on Saturday (great, but needed more snow - forgot my rock skis and paid the price), Burke Mountain on Sunday (also great, had a fantastic time on "East Bowl"), and Cannon Mountain on Monday (total drag -- ice everywhere, and unbelievably cold arctic winds made the summit lift all but inaccessible... Mittersill will have to wait).
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Hey James Deluxe-

How was Magic, besides a little scatchy. Anything good open? Glades? Red Lift line?
Master Magician?

An inquiring mind would love to hear. Looking to get in a weekend there hopefully next month....

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All the really fun stuff was closed, or if there wasn't a rope on it, it was at-your-own-risk. Actually, there was enough natural snow on the trails... at the end of the day, I ducked under the rope and zipped down Broomstick. It was beautiful, but I was punished a minute later on the double-blacks -- not by rocks, but by bushes that had been clipped (instead of removed) and were sticking out of the snow. I ended up taking off my skis and walking back to a groomed trail .

Magic's a funny place. It's resolutely marketed toward families (and that's all I saw that day). But I think they'd do better by aiming it at a MRG-type crowd... they've got the terrain, the same vintage lifts, some cute motels at the bottom, and (comparatively) cheap prices.

Unfortunately, as many have noted, their snowmaking capabilities aren't close to being up to snuff. That sets off a vicious circle: families that want to go to a kid-friendly mountain with good conditions will continue to opt for Okemo, which'll keep Magic from earning money, which'll prevent them from updating their lifts and snowmaking, which'll keep more people away, and eventually lead them back to bankruptcy.

At the end of the day, I was kind of bummed because, in spite of the new owners' good intentions, the mountain is stuck between two marketing rocks.

I also laughed at the fact that the large ski map at the bottom of the lift still includes the (Timberline?) terrain they annexed in 1986, but didn't reopen in the late 90s.

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Thanks for the update. You pretty much have the place pegged. Feast or famine. I'm surprised they've made it this far since re-opening.

Their fate was sealed back in the 70's when their then owner and founder thumbed his nose at snowmaking, been paying the price ever since.

Hoping for more snow in the next month, cause with a couple more feet this place is tops in Southern Vermont.

Last I skied it was St. Patty's day weekend, it was just amazing.....

Thanks for the reply!
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