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Jackson v Teton Village

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Planning on a trip To Jackson for a couple of weeks in Jan next year. I like the idea of staying at Teton Village for the ski convenience but not sure about bars and so on. I will be travelling with my wife and friends so decent bars/atmosphere is important at night. Is there enough going on in the village or would we be better in Jackson itself. I just prefer the idea of doorstep ski-ing if possible. Thanks in advance.
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The Mangy Moose is all you'll ever need to know.
Repeat after me: The Mangy Moose, The Mangy Moose, The Mangy _______.......
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Originally posted by Carvemeister:
The Mangy Moose is all you'll ever need to know.
I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner there for three straight days (and also saw a great ZZ Top tribute band one night).
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The village slows down after apres ski and Jackson heats up
later in the evening. They are about 10 miles apart, so you
have to be careful driving late at night. Have fun.
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Renting a car? Willing to use the bus system (which is pretty convenient)?

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Jackson is not a party town, but there are some things to do, some shops, restaurants, a few bars, etc. Teton Village itself may be a little boring after a while. That would depend upon your associates and their willingness to have fun. Regardless, you can take the bus and get around no matter what.

My recommendation would be to stay in Jackson and rent a car or do the bus thing. You will have more to do at night that way. And more food options. I stayed in the village once, and we had a blast, but I was 22 and ready to party. You can only hang at the 'Moose so much.....
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Thanks all for the input.
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Stay in Jackson, here's why:
- There is not much more than the Mangy Moose in Teton Village. Which is great for apres ski, but dead after around 7p
- Forget about the rental car, 1st. The buses work just fine after you figured out the blue, green, red lines. The only problem I found is that the last ride out of Jackson to Tenton Village used to be at 10p from the City Square. Service starts early in the morning though, so you'll making to Teton village in time.
- Forget about the rental car, 2nd. There's a shuttle bus which can take you to Grand Targee ski area if you want to. I actually recommend it, if you're planning for a couple of weeks: Pick a sunny day, you'll have all day sun due to the open westerly exposure, which leads to better snow as well. Great contrast to gnarly JH.
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Originally posted by James-T:
[QB]Is there enough going on in the village or would we be better in Jackson itself. I just prefer the idea of doorstep ski-ing if possible./QB]
For out-your-door skiing access in Teton Village, nothing beats the Alpenhof. It's the closest thing to an Austrian lodge I've seen in the US. A great apres spot, which turns over to dinner in the evening. Leave the Mangy Moose to the youngsters; grown-ups will be more comfortable at the Alpenhof. Here's the Alpenhof web site .

The bus service is great. When we go to Jackson Hole, we don't use our car until we leave to go home. The bus stops right out the front door of the Alpenhof.

If partying is more important to you than skiing, stay in Jackson. Or better still, go to Las Vegas.
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For all the reasons listed above, stay at the Village. If you wanna hit Jackson, hop on a bus. You may want to do this some nights, but probably not every night. Many fine restaurants on the road to the Village too, so no need to go all the way into town. When you wake up in the AM, nice to not have to worry about catching a bus!
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We had two weeks in Teton Village last year. We decided that we would prefer to catch the bus into town at night having had a shower and without skis etc. We ended up going into Jackson every second night and on the other nights mostly went to the Mangy Mouse or Alpenhof. We were really glad that we stayed in the village.

The bus service is really efficient and reasonably priced. Forget the hire car, becasue unless you have three people in your car, you have to park quite a distance away
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