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Renting in whistler and Extremely Canadian

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i'm off to whistler for 2 weeks on monday and have a couple of questions. I hope someone can help me out.
First, i'mm looking to try out some ski's before (hopefully) buying. Does anyone know if the hire shops over there are cool about demo'ing? I'm specifically looking at 10.ex's, Vertigo G4's and Intuitive Big, am i likely to find these? (Sorry for the ignorance but i've only ever skied in europe before).
Second, i've booked up for a 2 day clinic with extremely canadian. Does anyone have any thoughts on their clinics? (I did a steep skiing camp in verbier with doug coombs in january, and that was pretty amazing (despite the lack of snow), so i've got high hopes for Extremely Canadian).
I hope someone can help me!
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Hi Bobby,
I was with the Daily Mail trip to Whistler in December, and some of the guys went with Extremely Canadian (I didn't, long story with little to do with skiing). Afterwards, they all raved about it, and I saw an imporvement in their skiing.

Have you been to Whistler before?
Where are you staying?

And finally...
What part of London are you in?

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Hi there,
i've not been to whistler before. i can't wait as i've never skied anywhere outside europe before. my girlfriends brother's out there boarding for 3 months, so we're going out to stay with him.
we're staying in blackcombe. i'm not sure where, don't have the details here at work.
in london, i'm lucky enough to live in beautiful brixton!
how does whistler compare to the big european resorts? the snow levels look amazing, i don't think i'll have ever seen that much snow before! :
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TRY to not have a great time. Was there last week; you'll have no shortage of snow. I'll post later but I do know of a rental shop that might work for you. My girlfriend rented there - they seemed to have a pretty good line up of gear for demo/rent and great attitude.
No shortage of options in that regard, anyway. Fog bugs some people and rain does too. All I saw was snow in The Village. Low visibility a couple days and spells of the tops of both peaks shut down to winds. Even with that, still plenty of great skiing to be had. And the crowds we encountered should be down considerably. A guess.
On crowd days at Whistler, think about missing the Gondola and using FITZIMMONS to work up and over (and up and over...).
A cruise: FRANZ'S to Creekside and that Gondola back up.
(Last week I was going pretty good on that thing and a one-legged skier went by me like I was going backwards.)

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Compared with the big French & Austrian resorts:
More cloud
Very few queues
Good powder & off piste - particularly off the side of 7th heaven on Blackcomb, or off harmony, and the back bowls, on Whistler.
Dirt cheap (I used to spend close to £1000 in France in a week on food, drink, etc, but I struggle to spend £300 in Whistler!)
No drinking at lunchtime
Early start/early finish on the slopes
Good nightlife
...and the Dubh Linn Gate serves some of the best Guinness I've ever tasted outside Ireland.

Just my opinion.

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High quality demo's will not be a problem, lots of shops have them.
I skied with extremely canadian last week and they were all very good skiers and very easy to work with. Just call Ralph and tell him what you want. I just wanted a guide that really knew the mountain. He set me up with Felix Tanquay on Thursday, Joe Lammers
on Friday and Chris Winter on Saturday. All three are sponsered free skiers with different styles. We had a blast!
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If you rent online you can save about 30% of the cost however the whistler online booking does not have volkl skis. http://www.whistler-blackcomb.com/mo...tals/index.asp

Be aware you need to book the rentals 3 days in advance if you want the discount. Maybe rent part of the time from the Mountain adventure center (above) and a day from one of the other local shops. The other advantage of renting from the Whistler site above is you can change skis an unlimited number of times, ask them to tune/wax at night, and there are a whole lot of places around the village and mountain you can swap.

Extremely canadian is a great outfit. same prices for privates as the whistler mountain so if you have 5 people that move at about the same speed you can get a "private guide/instructor" for about $535CDN a day. Split amoung 5 people thats less than 110.00 per person per day for private lessons and extremely canadian does get lift line privilages.
We had Kristy Amour(bonus, Kristy is also a Massage therapist if you want to book her after the ski session) and Joe Lammers. Both great skiers and instructors both lots of fun..
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thanks for all the advice!
it sounds like i'm going to have a great laugh out there.
i'd heard that they get alot of cloud, but i suppose that's the price you pay for all that snow, and after a week in verbier where it took hours of skinning to find any semi-decent powder, it definitely seems like a good trade off.
Extremely canadian sounds good, is it all in bounds? do you need pieps, skins etc...???
I'm half irish but give me a pint of lager over one of guiness anyday! it's like alcoholic treacle.
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Best bet is to call Extremely Canadian or send them an email. contact info I'm not sure about their policy about OB. Blackcomb/whistler I think has an open boundry policy but if you travel OB you are on your own so go prepared. There is a difference in OB and off limits. There are areas listed off limits (avalanche danger) and these are areas that will get you in trouble if caught ducking ropes and there are some areas that are "off limits" in bounds too.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by bobby_rauchenberg:
I'm half irish but give me a pint of lager over one of guiness anyday! it's like alcoholic treacle. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

1. You're half Irish and you haven't signed up for The Barking Leprechauns? Disgraceful!

2. OK, Guinness is an acquired taste, so go to Merlins at the foot of Blackcomb, and probably very near to where you are staying, and drink up!

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