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Breck Questions

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I am a fairly new skier and the wife and I are headed on my first trip out west the week of Dec. 10. (I am cursing the snow gods for the lack of snow but there has to be better conditions and more terrain open than our couple of trips to Snowshoe. Just not any great skiing in Alabama.) She has been to Breckenridge before and wanted to go back. I just want to go west. We will probably try and hit a few other ski areas in the neighborhood while we are there.

First off we will need to rent some skis when we get there. Does any one know of a good, reliable place to rent on mountain? I remember a thread somewhere else that had recommended Blue River Sports which I think is close to where we are staying.

Second...How far away (in time and snowfall) are they from opening more of the mountain? I am not too thrilled about coming 1500 miles for 10-15% of the mountain to be open. What are the chances of getting at least large parts of peaks 8 and 10 open?

I'll limit my questions for now. Thanks in advance.

I'd like to add that I have been lurking here for a while living vicariously through your posts. I really enjoy the forum.
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Hi Brandon--good questions, and I can't give you any firm answers. But the weather in Summit County has taken a turn for better--some good storms in the past week, and temperatures MUCH MUCH colder than they had been for the previous month--10 below zero last night in Silverthorne, where I live (colder in the mountains). That means that finally the snowmaking crews are able to pump out some quality stuff in large quantities. Combined with whatever Mother Nature throws on top, that should result in new terrain being opened almost daily for a while. That's what's happening at Copper Mountain, where a couple new runs opened today, and several more on the east side of the mountain are planned to open by the weekend.

As for rental shops, you will see many of them as you drive through Silverthorne and Frisco (on the way) and Breckenridge. Take your pick, or ask a Breck local for a recommendation. Blue Valley Rentals, in Silverthorne, just off the interstate, should do you well (tell Jeffrey, the manager, that I said hi), as will Virgin Island rentals in the Office Max shopping center of Silverthorne. Breckenridge has several shops on and off Main Street. Of course, you can rent right at the base areas too, which has the advantage of quick adjustments or exchanges, for a somewhat higher price.

Have a great time! Let me know if I can help with anything.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I live in Breck. Blue river is OK. But super busy because of location. The skis are run of the mill that show their use.
Try small shops that don't cater to the masses.
I'd try Treeline Sports. It is on the right 1st thing you hit as you come in to town, right by the ski parking lots & direct to the Mtn. bus service.
World famous Kenny Buck owns the place & actually cares about what you get. I think - Volkl, salomon, rossignol, fischer.
1-800-325-9094 or 970-547-1112.
Yea he's a friend, w/fairly new shop & just does a great job. A GREAT skier too.
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Just a thought...you might consider heading down the road to Vail for a day or two as they have about 62% of their terrain open whereas Breck has 26% or so right now. Multi-day lift tickets at Breck are usually good for a day at Vail and it's only a 30-45 min drive.

Think snow!
John Wise
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