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Summer skiing in Alps - anybody tried?

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Have anyone tried summer skiing on Apls glaciers? Does it worth it? Which would be the best place for it?

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Hi NM,

I skied Saas-Fee, Switzerland in the summer a LONG time ago (and I'm not telling how long!). It was a lot of fun and the snow was in pretty good shape.

There's a run at the top of the mountain, which I believe is actually called Summerski, which is on the glacier and open year round. We actually found bands of snow that carried us far below the last boarding station of the gondola so for our last run each day, we'd ski until the snow ended and then hike the rest of the way down to town.

I've also skied Mammoth in July here in the States and the conditions were very similar.
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NM - when are you thinking of going? Not all the glaciers are open all summer. The biggest one is at Les Deux Alpes in France, but it doesn't reopen until about the end of June. Tignes, also in France, is open longer but it's a smaller glacier area, and a less attractive place in general. In Switzerland best bet is Saas Fee, or in Austria try Hintertux.

Consider where you're staying relative to the lifts - when you're aiming for a 7.30 or 8 am start the last thing you want is a journey to get to the lifts first. Usually you can ski until between 12 and 2 depending upon the time of year, but I've known weeks in June when it's snowed continuously and all day skiing is possible, as long as the lifts are kept running, which they won't be everywhere. Les Deux Alpes is good for afternoon skiing when the conditions are right as they run the funicular all afternoon for tourists to visit the ice caves.
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Based in London I've been lucky enough to ski most of the summer ski areas in the Alps.
I'd only recommend:
Switzerland: Zermatt, Saas Fee
Austria: Hintertux, Stubai
France: Tignes
Of these, Zermatt and Saas Fee would be the most attractive places to stay. Zermatt's glacier is gentle, Saas Fee's has more pitch. For overall skiing quality, Hintertux is generally reckoned to be the best, and is the choice of many national teams for summer race training.
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We snowboarded there for the first time this year.  It was a bit of a pain getting up to the nursery slope - 2 gondolas, stairs, lift, train, stairs and another lift!! If you´re a skier/snowboarder you can get off after the gondolas (at the restaurant) and go from there.  The gondolas take up to 20 people (and if they have their equipment, it can be pretty cramped).  The queues to get back down were awful and everyone was pushing in. Great to say you´ve skied in summer, but I think it´d be better in winter.  Fantastic views and lovely and cool (use a total sunblock on the glacier - my daughter burnt her face and she was using factor 30!!). Superb for mountain biking - my hubby and friends had a brilliant time and want to go back next year.  Crepe a go-go is the best place for pancakes - pricey (as is everything).  Whatever your budget is - double it!!!
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An 8 year bump?!? You got balls of steel! 
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