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Conditions in Breck next week?

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I'm coming over to Breckenridge next week. I've been keeping an eye on the website to monitor the snow and weather conditions, and it seems to be getting warm. Does anyone know what conditions I can expect next week?
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In my very limited knowledge, Breckenridge and Keystone usually get very similar snow conditions. And when I went to Keystone last weekend, it was all icy all over, with large patches of brown sticking out. If Breck is similar to Keystone, conditions may not be very good there either.

We're having really warm temperatures here (50's and even 60's in the mountains), so with a low base, things are not good. With a good base, expect spring skiing conditions.

If you have any option of changing plans, I'd recommend Winter Park. I just skied WP (Mary Jane) this morning. Conditions were okay (some runs were icy, others were okay); up in Parsenn Bowl it was great. Last weekend Loveland had okay conditions in some areas. I don't know how things are at Copper, A-Basin, Vail, or Beaver Creek.

But then again, this is all based on my very limited knowledge, so someone might prove me wrong easily.
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Based on exposure, I'd say Copper and A Basin are going to be better. I was at Breck last week and it was getting thin. This past week could only have made it worse - temps have been 40+ degrees.
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The long range forecast looks like much of the same. At least for the next ten days. But, this only makes it more likely that it'll dump on us when we're there over Easter break. I've skied many times in April when it's dumped three feet or more.
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A-Basin yesterday was surprisingly good. It looks like the East wall will not open at all this season, but the West wall was in great shape, as was all of the terrain that we skied from Norway or Lenawee and above. Not many bare spots at all, and fun carving, even a little bit of powder (heavy) in the trees. Didn't get to Pali (was only there for a short while), but it looked pretty well covered.
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I'm in Vail April 3- 10 , and I 'm trying to remain confident that the conditions will improve and snow will be forecasted. Lars, is right, the six day outlook on the Vail website is ugly. High temps 55-65F!
The last 4-5 years I have been out to Vail over Easter I've skied fresh powder at least half the days. Its been unbelievable getting fresh tracks on Riva Ridge mid morning with maybe a couple of other skiers skiing the slope. Last year the six day ticket was $99 to boot!
YTD Vail's snowfall is 224 in. Last year they hit 400 in. for the year. I'm with you Lars , everything in the universe eventually balances out.Snow has got to be coming .Here's hoping like hell it doesn't come in May! Come on jet stream! I see where HV has received 200 in. for the year.
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roundturns, Go to and buy your Vail tickets asap. You can get a 6 day pass for $99 but you have to buy them 14 days in advance. You can buy them online. The pass is also good at the other VailResorts if you decide to ski Breck, Keystone or the Beav.

As far as HV, we're getting dumped on right now as I lookout my window. Got 15" a few days ago, rained all day yesterday and supposed to get alot of snow today and tomorrow. What a rollercoaster ride.

As far as snow in Colorado, it will come. And like I said, it only looks better for a couple April dumps. I remember a few years ago skiing closing day at Steamboat in 2 feet of pow. Then going to Copper and Vail the next few years only to find deep pow. And, no lift lines.
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Thanks for the heads up on the 6 day pass, but my last two ski days are April 8 and 9. I have a Colorado Card fortunately, I think effective 4/3 it $29 a day at Vail. This year Vail is initiating the $99 six day rate just a little later for whatever reason.

Taking the trip in April is a great way to finish the year up. The discounts easily justify going then plus you get to extend the season for yourself. I know a couple I see jogging and they go out in March every year to Vail and spend four thousand dollar on the trip. If they waited 3 more weeks they would save more than half I would expect.
Anyway, just less people for the rest of us to contend with. I just looked at the HV website again. Its far from over yet.
I grew up about 50 miles from HV and skied there 1968-1977. I want to say there was one year in the early 70's HV opened up right after Halloween and stayed open continuosly till the end of March early April.
Those were the years Yodeler lift was a T Bar and you'd be in the liftline for about 30 minutes on a Saturday, look up the hill and there wouldn't be a soul skiing down,everybody was at the bottom. I guess logically for that to occur people on the T Bar went down another slope to avoid the liftline again on the bottom of Yodeler.
I feel fortunate here in Pittsburgh to have 7 Springs close, but HV is really a special place, and its great to see it doing so well.
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Yep, the forecast doesn't look promising, but I'm there from March 25th to April 2. With any luck I'll catch one of those dumps. Fingers crossed
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I'm joining the fray in keeping my fingers crossed for snow in that area in the upcoming weeks. I'll also be at Vail from 4/3-10 on my first trip out that way. Obviously I'd like to see some major snow during our stay.

Lars, when are you heading out and where will you be skiing?
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Will also be in Vail the first weekend of April. We're staying in Lionshead and am wondering about any suggestions for reasonable rentals in that part of Vail. Also, does Vail offer any All-Mountain Tours during the day and if so what are the rates? Thank you for any advice, and hope the weather cooperates for all of those who will be out there as well.
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Here's a link from Vail's website that describes free daily mountain tours that meet and depart at Lionshead. There is also info on tours of Blue Sky Basin.
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Watched the Weather Channel over lunch. By this weekend Colorado is expecting wet weather. Valley Rains- Mountain Snows. In the interim, the state of Colardo is 25F above normal temperatures. The Skiing Weatherman (Herb Stevens) alluded to the weather pattern changing late this week for in the west
So things don't stay the same weather wise forever. Hopefully we'll see the next two weeks representing low pressures and storms moving into the Rockies.
Timing the weather and planning a ski trip is almost like trying to time the stock market. I'm a lousy stock picker and probably a worse weatherman, but I'd like to think our prospects for snow and good ski conditions are improving.
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It's dumping snow! We've got 1.5 meters on the ground and it's still coming!

Just kidding.

Latest long-term forecasts I've seen are showing warm weather. The best weather information can be found by calling 970-668-0600. Since you're in Wales that might be difficult though.

Right now it looks like we have something moving through.. it's a little cloudy. But overall we're sitting with a massive high pressure system over us so I don't think we're getting snow in the next few days.

I'm not gonna complain though. This week on my days off I'll probably get to sit outside and enjoy a nice margarita in the sun.
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Coach13, I'm going to be in Colorado the 9th thru the 18th. Flying into Steamboat staying there for three nights. Will close them down the 11th. Then drive down to Summit where we'll be staying in Frisco. we plan on skiing Vail at least a couple of days then play it by ear. Keystone, ABasin, probably Copper. Depends on conditions.

I did read the long range weather probabilities for the next couple of weeks on the Government site. They are saying the probabilities for a system change this comming weekend looked good. Unstable weather patterns are going to be back to the norm.

Which means as i predicted, it's going to be great skiing about the time I get to Colorado.
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BV, plenty of sunny days after I leave the great state of Colorado to enjoy that margarita. I'm OK with the sun just so its not accompanied by 50 F + temperatures.
Lars, if it snows two feet while I'm in Vail , I'm going to give you all the credit for simply willing it to happen. I'm liking our prospects better and better with each passing day. It ain't over till the Discover bill comes in the mail.
How do I access the government site for weather you referenced? Thanks.
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Vail today was warm and sunny- beautiful weather, spring conditions (nice "inbounds" corn most of the day), but coverage is getting thin in heavily tracked areas. More dirt the closer you are to the bottom; a few of the very bottom steeper trails like Pepi's Face and lower Bwana should be avoided completely if you value your bases. Really fun turns in the back and on Blue Ox/ Highline, however, and not excessively heavy or slushy. Unfortunately, this is much too early to have these kinds of conditions- it sounds like we are in for another dry summer- and I'm worried about the late season at A-Basin, too!
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Well, I'm setting off tomorrow, so I'll soon find out for myself. I'm fairly optomistic, based on the assumption that bad Colorado conditions are better than average European conditions. Thanks for all the info, everyone.
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Roundturns, It's the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA

I'm not going to worry about the conditions out there. At the worst one could expect fantastic Spring corn with bright blue skies, sunshine, skiing in t shirts, and sucking down some cold Fat Tire Ales.
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You said it, Lars- How can you complain about conditions when the weather is so glorious? Just hope it doesn't rain!
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