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Summit County Conditions

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Heading out to Summit County on the 23rd. I have read many bad posts regarding conditions. Is it really that bad? I live in the east and I'll take anything right now.
Thanks for the updates!
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I've been skiing Summit County every weekend since 12/1. Some general observations:
Keystone and A-Basin are very lean compared to an average year; in fact A-Basin seems to have about 1/2 the normal base. (Rumor has it that Vail/BC's $250k cloud seeding program above Eagle is benefitting those two resorts at the expense of the "downstream" Summit County resorts.
Copper and Breckenridge are a lot better. Last Saturday at Copper saw about 5" of new fairly heavy powder which went a long way to covering some of the remaining rocks. There are still some rocks on the steeper or more exposed runs but, on balance, not too bad. It snowed about 4" last night, but its been awhile since any big dumps. We've been able to count on one 4-6" storm every week. Another small one is expected this Sunday/Monday. If you hit it right after a storm, skiing is quite good. If its day 2+ after a storm, count on needing fairly sharp edges, at least for Colorado.
Personally, I'm worried my Chicago Ridge (SW of Summit County) backcountry cat trip won't have much powder to ski.
Bottom line, though: I wouldn't postpone or cancel your trip.
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Copper was incredible when I skiied it a month ago; Breck a few weeks ago was better than here, although not massively so. However Breck reports 9 inches from last night's snowfall! Vail did OK too.

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Hi Skidad,

I skied at Breck about 10 days ago. There were a few rocks on the blacks, blues were all good. Had an excellent time.

I skied at Beaver Creek a couple of days ago. There were a few rocks but not bad at all. The snow was fairly firm, but it snowed last night, so it should be softer now. Had an excellent time. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Have Fun!!!
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relax ski dad..the skiing should be great! I just checked the weather,and it showed snow showers 7 out of the next 10 days. So grab you matches, hike up your skirt, and hit the pow!!
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I got to ski Breck's Horseshoe and Contest bowl when they opened for the first time this season (top of Peak 8 off the T bar). Their was about 12 in. new snow and wind blown underneath.

We waited in line and got fresh tracks all the way down just after the patrol and guns approved it. -very cool.

I have heard it is very warm now in colorado.
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Skied Vail all morning today with a shot in each bowl and some doubles. The snow was knee deep+ and light on a firm base of at times large bumps.


Free falling through pow and bouncing of hidden bunp runs. Taking tree shots and jumping cliffs unsighted. The best morning of the season by far..

Get on it ASAP

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

P.S. Scream 10s rip it up.
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Copper was fine on Monday!
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