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Dry Loft

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I have had my bag with Dry-Loft in now for several years. Dry-loft is a Waterproof breathable membrain manufactured by W.L. Gore, that is similiar to Gore-Tex in a jacket. I would say that it is definatly worth the extra money to stay dry. Especially when you look at how long that bag could last you. If you take care of it, it could last between 15-20 years. Now balance the cost of the bag over that time period. That extra $100 doesn't make too much of a difference now. The Bivy sac works, but why get something extra? Thats just one more thing to carry, and what happens if you forget it at home?
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Ok- thx flatlandskier. I ended up with the Marmot Col (i'm a cold sleeper) w/ the dry loft. YEAH!
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Excellent Choice!!!!
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