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family spring break without crowds

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Does anyone have suggestions for a family spring break ski trip without the crowds. The last week in March we went to Copper Mountain and it was extremely crowded. We are thinking about going to Big Sky but haven't decided yet. Thanks
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I went to Big Sky this Saturday and it was the most crowded I've ever seen it. We had to wait up to 5 minutes a few times on the lifts by the village and a minute or two on the other lifts (of course, the tram was it's usual long line). Normally you just ski up to the other lifts.

Seriously, I've never seen bad lift lines at Big Sky even on busy weekends. The lines during the week are non-existant. The one exception is the tram to the top which can get rather crowded if there is powder around.
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It shouldn't be too hard to avoid crowds during the last week of March. If you can let us know what kind of skiers are in your family and what kind of mt resort experience you want, we can help you out.

Recommendations should also consider lodging, budget and amount of post-airplane travel you are willing to do to get there.

Let us know...
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If you are looking for a lot of terrain and no lines Big Sky is definitley a good bet. Don't know how the snow will be at the end of March but others here probably do.
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I have been to Big Sky two times:

1. Last year, mid Feb. great snow, no lift lines.

2. This year, spring break (March 26-29). Icy, windpacked, and terrible crowds. The mountain was very busy, but I think it was unusual for several reasons. Highwinds shut down many of the lifts, concentrating skiers on the Swift Current. Also, many skiers were inexperienced and clogged lifts that served groomed terrain. When Challenger was open it was not busy at all, but the good snow was very hard to find.

Overall, I think Big Sky is a great place, but too many people ( I could be included in this) are "finding out" about it and making it like other resorts. Still, lines only form on the base quads and the tram, and only during the peak weeks of the year. The snow we had this March was unusualy bad so don't worry about the month. I heard it is very often good well into April I rate it very highly.

Copper is great, (it is where I learned to ski), but the American Eagle and Flyer do get very crowded. Especially as it is turned into more and more of a resort town . To get away though, just drop into resolution bowl.
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I would strongly not reccomend Big Sky because with all the rocks and generel lack of snow by spring the cover could be terrible. Fernie would be great, big place, NO PEOPLE, and a rediculous base. Its a blast to be at and realy cheap as well.
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Off the top of my head, I would guess there's some Colorado resorts that aren't extremely crowded in March. Loveland, Steamboat, and Snowmass all come to mind and all of them are fairly family friendly.

Otherwise, the Summit Co resorts, Winter Park, etc are all going to be crowded. Bummer that Copper was crowded - it may not be as bad next year as there's going to be a push to get more people to the west end and away from Flyer.

I have mixed feelings about Big Sky. On the one hand I've had a blast there and I love skiing Lone Peak. On the other I'm not sure if it's a great family place. (Although the last time I was there we stayed at an excellent Best Western about 10 miles away that had a lot of families.)

Maybe you'd like Park City, UT? It's a little more $$$ than other places, but there's a lot to do.
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What do you call 'Crowds'? Many places on this continent will have what they call crowds, but most Big resort skiers will call them something entirely different. I would suggest the Banff area at that time of the year. I was at Sunshine on the peak day for two years, and I never did see what I would call 'congestion'. Lake Louise is never congested after you leave the base area, and Kicking Horse is still to be found by most North American skiers.
The added benefit is that you have a high likelihood that you will encounter midwinter conditions during spring. Add to that the financial benefit US citizens get in the currency exchange and it is real hard to beat.
The down side is that there is no ski-in, ski-out lodging in the area. You have to give a little to get a little in most cases, and if you are willing to drive to the mountain, you get a very pleasant skiing experience. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Thanks for all the suggestions. My kids are very young 9, 8, 5, and baby. It is important for us to stay in an area that is not spread out, and kid friendly. In Copper, it seemed all we were doing was running from one village to another. Our kids are normally in ski school while the baby is in childcare. We do like to take them out of ski school for a couple of days to ski with us, normally we stay on green and blue runs. As far as how crowded it was at Copper, 650 kids were enrolled at the ski school and lift lines at the base were up to 45 - 50 minutes long.
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Try a resort (such as Snowmass or Steamboat or Crested Butte) that is not accessible to day-trippers. At least three of the larger school districts in the Denver area were out that week. We were staying in Summit Co, but we ran into lots of friends at Copper who were just up for the day.

Next year's ski week will not be taken during spring break! It was a pain. When the kids (mine are 4 and 7) were in ski school, it was fine, because we stayed on the A lift, or Mountain Chief. We weren't even aware of the crowds. But the days we skied with the kids were too crowded. We have to push the youngest to ski blacks next year, so we can avoid the masses!
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