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Lake Tahoe

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If anyone has an experience:Good or Bad:from skiing in Lake Tahoe, or if you just have been there before, I would like to know your opinion on the area for skiing.
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I love Tahoe but I'm bias'ed.. my home mountain is there, I teach there and it's not too bad of a drive. We also just got almost Alta quality powder this weekend. The kind that just moves out of your way as you skim through it. [img]smile.gif[/img] Today was fantastic...
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Tahoe rocks! I try to get up there a couple of days each year. Alpine Meadowsis my favorite, but I have had great days everywhere, esp Squaw, and Sugar Bowl. Some of the smaller areas are amazing too; Homewood and Mt Rose come to mind. The only things I don't like about Tahoe are the traffic, and some of the resorts are pretty low, so the snow is usually not as good as at home. I love Mammoth, but having a dozen areas to choose from is prettty cool.
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It is pouring rain here in SF this morning and the snow level for Northern CA is predicted to be at 2000 Ft, This means Winter Storm Conditions in Tahoe today and into tonight.

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i love tahoe!
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I love Tahoe, too. Have had only good ski experiences in Tahoe.
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Tahoe has some of the best terrain in the world. Of the six Tahoe area resorts I've been to, this is how I rank them for overall skiing:

1. SQUAW!!!
2. (tie) Alpine Meadows, Kirkwood, Sugar Bowl
5. Heavenly
6. Sierra at Tahoe
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