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dchan, my park city dates...

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Hey. I will DEFINITELY be there roughly (if not exactly) first week of march. there is an outside shot i'll be there that late-february time frame you mentioned. depends on where this particular group i'm with for a trip that was to have been to vail ends up. i've already said i don't mind TONS of park city, but we'll see. IF so, i'll let you know, for sure. it'd be nice to make turns with a fellow bear. (we'll have to grab hold of UTAH49, too.) anyway, it'd be great if it works out that way. (at any rate, i'll be eagerly awaiting your CANYONS report.
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maybe you could help dchan to remember to pack a 24" powder day in his bags.The high pressure system that was locked in over the west is braking But the @3%@#*! jet stream split!! The storm that was due today is now just a weak puny little thing.we are looking for a virgin to offer to the snow godds however there isn't one to be found in Park City I guess we will have to drive down to provo and the BYU campus to find one.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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I'm blowing real hard right now. we have a storm sitting on top of us. I'm trying to get it moving again...
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ryan, dchan, Utah49,

I'll be skiing in the SLC area 2/24-3/3 with the end dates being travel dates. I will also probably be skiing again in SLC on 3/18, 3/24 and 3/25. Definitely 3/24 and 3/25.

I will be out there with my cousin, his girl and another mutual friend between 2/24-3/3. So, if any of you want to get together, let me know. We will be skiing Alta and other LCC/BCC resorts for sure with a possible trip in the rental car to Snowbasin/Powder Mountain or something near Park City. We are renting a condo between LCC and BCC.
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will definitely keep you apprised on my itinerary. i'm looking for a way to get out to snowbasin, too. anyway, will keep you updated.
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Gonna miss you this year. I leave Alta on the 2-24. Might be able to wave as we pass
Our location for the week of 2-16/2-24 is in the cabin at the base of Vickys where Vickys and Rock and Roll meet, before you get to the bottom of Supreme chair. The ultimate in Ski in, Ski out
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Sounds good. Keep me posted. Maybe we can meet at Snowbasin or even give you a ride in our SUV.

Sounds like an awesome place. Enjoy!!
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