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Thredbo or Mt. Hotham?

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We are planning our July-Aug trip to Australia. Please comment on these two ski resorts. We will have a mixed group of skiers. From the paper, it looks Thredbo very impressive with 2205 verticle vs Hotman's 1297 feet. But comments from says Hotman has better snow. Please share your experience and comments.

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You might want to take a look at

They have fairly good resort reviews, and if you still want more info, ask the locals in the forum there or do a search of past threads (there have been plenty).

Thredbo does have the largest verticle in Aus due to the lower altitude of the base. This means that if conditions arn't great, the lower half of the mountain turns to slush anyway. It does however have a great villiage atmosphere.

Hotham has the most advanced terrain, but again if it hasn't snowed in a while much of this can be closed.

Don't forget to consider Perisher Blue, which is by far the largest resort in Australia. It has less verticle, but has a higher base than nearby Thredbo so often has more reliable coverage. Plus it's big enough to keep you interested for a while.

Good luck and enjoy your trip.
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Well I never expected someone to be asking for information on Australian skiing here at Epicski, but for what it's worth here are my opinions....

Thredbo is a great mountain, with its vertical it carries off the impression of a big mountain much more effectively than any of the other Australian resorts. That said, Dave-O is spot on when he says that this vertical can result in less than optimal conditions on the lower mountain, even though it does have the highest lifted point in Australia at its peak. Having said that, the times I have been to Thredbo the conditions have always been great - I skied my first ever powder day there! It has great terrain for a mixed group with something to offer anyone from a never-ever to expert. And the village is great, again the most European feeling of any of the villages in Australia IMO.

Mt Hotham is unofficially regarded as the 'powder capital' of Australia....yeah I know it amuses me too after spending a season at a resort with 550" as opposed to maybe 140", but for the best snow then Hotham is probably going to be the most reliable. Has good advanced/expert terrain, more so than Thredbo by acreage probably, but for a mixed group then I would say Thredbo terrain-wise.

And finally Perisher - Easily the biggest, but with a not so intimidating 1050 ft of vertical, it is a very spread out resort with a lot of short runs and a lot of short surface lifts (about 35 I think) For this reason alone I don't really like Perisher, especially considering Thredbo is right near by and offers much more of a North American mountain/village feel to it....which is what I like.

So overall I think that you would not really go wrong with either Hotham or Thredbo, but personally I think Thredbo wins out due to its vertical, solid terrain for everyone and great village.

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Thanks to your comments. What would be the better(safe) time frame to visit Thredbo? Or to visit AU? Given the snow conditions. I know it is a difficult question, but if you guys can tell me the "best time frame would be helpful. ie: July 15 to end of August or Auguest 1 to Sept. 15th etc. We had to plan way ahead for the long trip and it is poke in the dark for me.
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Really it depends on how go dthe snow year is - If it's a good year with plenty of snowfall through June then mid july to August is going to be the top pick because you will have colder temps in July than September with an established base. Last season we had a 50 inch storm come through over about 5 days around the 23rd July, but before that there had been a lacklustre early season.

If the early season is not so good, Sep will have a better base built up than July, but you run the risk of the conditions being warmer and icier/slushier.

August is definitely the top month with winter conditons and a full base - It's a gamble either way, but my reccomendation would be to go mid July through to the end of August.
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I havent skied thredbo, but i have skied hotham a few times. I spend a lot of time on and whilst thredbo has the great vertical ... its only good for it if theres been good snow, the bottom half tends to be grass apart from maintained trails etc. From waht i hear, if you get thredders on a good week, its unbeatable (by aussie standards.)

Last year I was at hotham during a very good dump (1.3 metres odd ... good for aussie standards.)

some photos from hotham if youre intrested ;


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I have some postcards on my site from Thredbo that you might want to look at. They are a few years old now, but they may help you. Thredbo postcards
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I'm weighing in in favor of Thredbo, as it's very close to the resort of Perisher Blue and will give you the option of skiing both areas (I'm assuming the Ski Tube still runs, but I haven't been there since it was Perisher-Smiggins!) and give you more variety during your stay.
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at that time of year, you should get some pretty good action at thredbo. If its not so great, just head over to perisher as it is more reliable. Hotham is proubly a better mountain for advanced skiiers.
only a few weeks to go until my season kicks off
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Originally Posted by barc1967
I'm weighing in in favor of Thredbo, as it's very close to the resort of Perisher Blue and will give you the option of skiing both areas (I'm assuming the Ski Tube still runs, but I haven't been there since it was Perisher-Smiggins!) and give you more variety during your stay.
Yep, it still runs and is only about 15 mins from Thredbo.
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