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I am planning to go Brides-les-Bains in January, 2003. Thanks to James' posting on "Extremely cheap Euro Trips".

Here are some of my questions.
1. What is schedule of the shuttle bus that runs from BLB to Meribel?
2. Are there commercial rental lockers in Meribel where I can leave my ski equiments?
3. Is there any free parking space in Meribel where I can leave my car just in case I party late in Meribel?
4. Where can I get a discount 6-day pass for Les Trois Vallee?
5. Any info is welcome!
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Hi Peter,
At the minute, all I can answer is lift pass prices...
6 days meribel will cost around $160US
6 days 3 valleys (600km of piste! ) $200US

The European resorts aren't big into giving discounts (mainly cause the prices are very low to start off with)

I'll see if I can get you any more info.

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You can pick up a skipass from the ski lift at BLB. It's a long (25 minute) ride up to the central skiing area of Meribel (La chaudanne). You could leave your skis in a locker underneath the Burgin Saulire (1 minutes walk from the BLB lift). But it's really easy to slot your skis on the BLB lift so there's little point leaving them in town.

If you hire or purchase skis, get them from freeride ski shop - they're close to the pistes above jack's bar - should see it from the BLB lift.

Be careful where you leave your car. Leave it anywhere other than the free car park in Meribel, and your car will be towed away. Park your car in the large free car park called Ravines (I think). You go over it just before you get off the BLB lift.

Where are you comiong from? US, Canada? Try renting a casr from Easyrentacar.com from Geneva.

If you got any more questions let me know - I used to live in Meribel.
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WTFH and saucerboy,

Thanks for the info.

We are coming in from New York on Jan 17, 2003. The vacation package includes a rental car. That's why I was thinking about driving up to Meribel from BLB instead of taking the 25-minute ride in the gondola everyday.

Buying skis in Europe? Sounds great. I broke my Dynastar all mountain skis a while back. I don't have a pair of all mountain skis any more. I like that idea.

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If the roads are clear, it is a easy 20 minute drive from BLB to Meribel.

If there's fresh snow, you may well need to use chains, and drive slowly (can take up to two hours). If there's heavy snow around, leave the car in BLB, and catch the lift up. Beware the lift is only open 8:30 - 17:00 ish -check operating times on lift maps.

There are two ways up from BLB to Meribel - the direct route (but can be prone to closure if there's land slides following heavy snow / rain), or via Courchebel - longer but essential if the normal road is closed. The road can also be very busy on a saturday - so watch out!

As you have a car, you can also explore the many other nearby resorts if you wish. (You should get a days free skiing in some resorts with a 7 - day 3 Valley's lift pass. Try Val D'Isere or Tignes, about 1 hours drive from BLB. If your self catering there are a few large supermarkets in Champion in Moutiers (3 miles away) or Super U about (1 mile away), where you can buy cheap food.

Not sure if skis are cheaper in Europe or US. Freeride ski shop let you try various skis out before you buy them. But if you damage your ski later on, it may be harder to return the damaged ski back to Europe.

What standard of skier are you? The 3 vallys is great for intermediates. But there is good back country (known as off-piste in France). Be aware that any area outside the marked ski runs if off-piste, and un patrolled. If you want to ski these areas, make sure your insurance covers off-piste skiing. If your an advanced skier, I can advise you of some good areas...
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Off the top of my head, I don't believe my insurance package has coverage for off-piste skiing. I am willing to pay more for the coverage. But I have to find that infomation from my travel agent. Thanks for reminding me such an important issue.

I've skiing more than 15 years. The kind of skier I am? Probably little better than people who have been skiing for 5 years, but not better than people who have been skiing for 15 years. Yes, I would like to do some off-piste skiing. Please tell me a little more. Do they have heli skiing as well? I wanted to do that in Zermatt, but there was not enough snow.

Tignes is only an hour away? Yes, I'll definitely ski it. So many piste, so little time. There are 6 of us on this trip. They all are grateful for your unpaid efforts.
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Hi there,

There is no heli-skiing in France, as it's illegal. However your not too far from the border with Italy so you can still do it. Magic in Motion, freeride or the tourist office could all put you in touch with people who run heli ski operations.

but, there's so much skiing in the 3 valley's your not going to have time to explore much further a field!

If your into off-piste skiing, look out for the pocket book - off piste skiing in the 3 vallees (You maybe able to get it at snow and rock - look on google for their website). Or hire a hguide from Magic in Motion ski school (avoid the french ski school (esf / ecole de ski francais like the plague!)

Suggested routes: Top of La saulire, pick any coulior or the courchevel side and gfo for it!

More adventurous is death couloir : Top of Burgin Sauliaire lift from meribel. Look for the ladder beside the top station. Climb it then, follow the wire which branches to the left of the main handwire. Follow that to the entrance of the couloir - but use caution on the approach, you don't want to fall.

from Meribel, head up La Tougnette lift. At the top traverse along the ridge to thre right. The when you like the look of the slop below, take off down it!

You'll be ablke to spot many other rouytes from lifts, so go play, but be careful. Or take a guide.

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