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Atomic Beta Race 9.12

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Peter Keelty says it is very versatile and "the ski of the year". Anyone try this ski? I'm thinking it might be what I'm looking for.
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You have good taste milesb!

I too, am dying to see a good professional review of this ski. We all know that it will be well reviewd for SL racing, but I am curious about its characteristics in all mountain skiing.
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Wouldn't the 9.16 be more versatile? I have the 9.16 and love it. Has less shape than the 9.12, but come on, there's still a lot of shape. Still works for the firls high speed GS turns too. My guess would be the 9.16 to be a better all around ski.
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You may be right. I demoed the 9.16 last winter and it lived up to all the hype. But it was too much ski for me. I could not relax on that ski and my style is relaxed, smooth, moderate speed, lots of turns. I was hoping that the 9.12 is more mellow.
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A couple months ago i asked Betaracer which ski he thought was more suited to be an all around ski and he said the 9.16 race would be better than the 9.12 Race. But i will make up my own mind after demoing both of them this December. I think it will be the 9.16 as i think since the turn radius is even sharper on the 9.12 it will want to turn like crazy but i do beleive the 9.12 is a softer ski so am not sure which will end up better for me at 150 lbs, but will find out soon enough.
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