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Tyrolian Tours

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I'm thinking of making a trip across the Atlantic next season and have been looking at some of the different resorts and options available. A friend told me about Tryolian Tours and it looks pretty interesting. Does anybody have any further knowledge or personal experience with this group? If so, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.
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I am just getting back to the good ole U.S.A. after spending 22 years in Germany. For 18 years I worked as a Travel Consultant for the Goverment/Military and for IBM. I have worked with Tyrolian Tours booking vacation packages for my clients.
As a incoming tour operator...Tyrolian Tours is one of the best !

For more information you can contact

Helmut Steger

Tyrolian Tours
Griesbachweg 4
A-6372 Oberndorf/ Tyrol

Tel: +43- (05352) - 63134
Fax: +43- (05352) - 63134 - 30


Be sure to tell Helmut I said Hello...!!!
and I wish you a wonderful time in Austria...!!!

Joe Lucas
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Thanks for the reply and the info.
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