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New terrain open at Big Sky

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Its been a good year to be here, we have gotten to ski some really remarkable new terrain both above the Bowl and on the back of the A-Zs, long steep (40-50 degree) chutes and big open faces. Kudos to the patrollers who got this going. The above link is a yahoo service that allows up to 30 MB of online storage for freee!!!
Enjoy :

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Is all this newly opened terrain considered OB (ie need transceivers, shovels and probes)? How's the trek back to the lifts from the bottom of the runs?
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yes, and not too bad a trek, mostly downhill.
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I've been reading about the lift & runs they are putting on that side of the mountain. Is the new Moonlight Chair (I think that's what its called) going to be part of Big Sky Resort or is it going to be a seperate operation requiring a seperate lift ticket?
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too soon to tell RIO, the next couple of weeks should answer a lot of questions about the future of Big Sky.
P.S. Big Sky library # is 995-4281- ext. 205, Librarian name is K. House.
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I really like the "ELVIS" writing on the Nashville Basin photo [img]smile.gif[/img]
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